Walker Sands’ 2017 Future of Retail study takes a deep dive into the world of today’s consumer and the changing shape of the commerce landscape.

In our fourth annual report, the Walker Sands retail practice team tapped the insights of more than 1,600 U.S. consumers, uncovering how technology is changing consumer behaviors – and how consumer behaviors are transforming the customer experience for retail brands in 2017.

The study reveals that the connected consumer and voice controlled devices are the future of retail in 2017 and as retailers struggle to stay ahead of consumer desires, their biggest challenge will be evolving at scale as technology continues to disrupt the industry.

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View the 2016 study here.

The Future of Retail 2018 report was released by Erin Jordan on stage at IRCE on June 6. Go here to download the latest in consumer trends and behaviors. For more info on the session, click here.