The Future of Retail 2018: How Technology is Expanding the Scope of Online Commerce Beyond Retail

Commerce isn’t what it used to be. Over the last five years, we’ve dedicated our annual Future of Retail report to uncovering how the retail landscape has changed, and this year’s report found that the retail industry is more complicated than ever. If the changes we’re already seeing in 2018 are any indication of what’s to come, the future of online commerce is much bigger than just retail.

As the lines between retail and other industries blur, brands, retailers and manufacturers need to transform the commerce experience into a more integrated part of the consumer lifestyle. The Future of Retail 2018 study, based on a survey of 1,600 U.S. consumers, outlines key insights about the rise of the connected experience and Amazon’s influence in a new era of commerce.

Key takeaways from this year’s report include:

  • Consumers are excited to shop online for emerging product categories, including grocery and pharmaceuticals.

  • Politics plays a leading role in commerce.

  • The popularity of connected devices has grown.

  • Amazon’s dominance is forcing competing retailers to evolve.

  • Consumers are more comfortable using voice-controlled devices to shop.

  • Fast delivery is no longer optional. It’s a must.

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