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PR for Payments Processing Brands

It’s no secret that payments processing providers are scrambling to address a new wave of challenges, including the recent migration to EMV security protocols, fraud prevention and the push for new payment technologies.

But it’s not all bad news. Payments processors and technology providers also face an unprecedented slate of opportunities as online transactions take center stage in global commerce. For example, mobile is changing payments processing and insiders predict that by 2019, 80 percent of U.S. retailers will have mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) technology in their stores.

As a growth-minded technology provider, it’s critical to find new ways to take advantage of forecasted expansion in the payments processing sector. But to capture your share of the market, you’ll need to connect with the right audiences – and PR provides the tools you need to do it. 

PR Tips for Payments Processing Technology Providers

Although increasing your brand’s visibility among prospects, customers, influencers and other audiences is important, good PR isn’t just about brand awareness. When it’s done well, public relations has the potential to improve lead generation, customer engagement and more.

At Walker Sands, we specialize in helping payments processing technology firms and other FinTech clients achieve measurable results with targeted audience segments. Our successful track record in the FinTech space has been the result of several must-have PR elements, including:

  • Exceptional Thought Leadership – Thought leadership opportunities nurture and amplify your brand message. But it’s not enough to simply share casual insights on your company blog. You need engaging, research-based insights and reports that capture the attention of targeted media outlets and key influencers in your space.
  • Engaging Content – The best PR campaigns leverage many different types of high-quality content. White papers, contributed articles, data studies, case studies, SEO content – it all contributes to your brand’s ability to connect the right messages with the right audiences.
  • Consistent and Innovative Research – Research provides the raw material for your brand’s PR and content marketing efforts. In many cases, media outlets go out of their way to shine a light on payments processing technology brands that routinely develop research reports, data studies and data-rich white papers.
  • Sticky Social Promotion – Social media can further amplify the messages that you develop, create and distribute in your PR campaigns. But the effectiveness of your social media engagement initiatives requires more than followers – you need “sticky” concepts and hooks to increase the shareability of your social content.
  • Digital Marketing – Increasingly, the most effective PR initiatives involve digital marketing elements. By creating a comprehensive strategy that integrates SEO, PPC and other digital marketing tactics with PR, your brand can gain a leg up on the competition and extend the value of your PR investments.

Walker Sands: The First Choice in Payments Processing PR

Walker Sands is an industry leader in PR for FinTech and payments processing technology brands. Our unique Digital Ecosystem approach intelligently combines PR and Digital Marketing to deliver measurable, bottom line impact to our clients.

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