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Engagement Social Campaign Drives High Engagement Among New Audience

A multi-channel social media campaign featuring motion design highlights fintech company’s success while positioning them as a mid-market player ahead of IPO.

Overview is an AI-enabled AP/AR platform that helps automate back-office financial operations for small and midsize businesses. In addition to enlisting the agency’s regular support with its social media channels, looked to Walker Sands to create a social campaign that would help launch its Instagram profile and engage its target audience of midsize businesses ahead of the company’s upcoming IPO.

By highlighting the case study of’s mid-market client Quicken through a combination of static and motion graphics across social channels, Walker Sands drove high engagement and awareness among’s target audience.

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The Challenge engaged Walker Sands as a strategic partner to help scale its social media program, grow its audience and increase engagement. Following a subsequent brand refresh, needed to reposition itself as a mid-market player ahead of its IPO. Specifically, wanted a campaign that would drive awareness among its new target audience of midsize companies, and it turned to Walker Sands to tell the story through social media.

The Solution

To reach’s new audience, Walker Sands created a social media campaign centered around the success story of its mid-market client Quicken. First, the team conducted market research to better understand how the Quicken case study could highlight’s solutions for common pain points via its social media channels, followed by a brainstorm of ways to illustrate the case study’s main points and drive meaningful engagement. To help visualize the story, break through digital chatter and capture interest, the team decided to use a combination of static images and motion graphics, with the ultimate goal of driving awareness and audience excitement.

With the campaign direction in place, the Walker Sands team – led by a creative director working with illustrators, animators, copywriters and social experts – partnered closely with to move the project from concept to completion, which included outline development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, design and video editing.

Within a month of the campaign’s conception, it was launched on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.’s Instagram had launched just a week prior, and the team saw an additional opportunity to explore a new avenue of promotion through Instagram Stories. Over the course of six weeks, 15 posts and a 10-slide Instagram story highlighting the Quicken case study were promoted across platforms to engage’s mid-market audience. The story was saved on’s Instagram profile using the Highlights feature to further increase its lifespan and potential for audience engagement.

In addition to executing the organic social media promotion, Walker Sands also supplied with the assets for paid promotions to further engage their target audience.

The Results

The Quicken case study social campaign drove impressive results across channels, achieving’s goal of driving awareness and audience excitement through a high number of impressions, engagements and new followers. 

By using both static and motion graphics combined with compelling copy to grab the attention of’s target audience, Walker Sands was able to achieve above average engagement and drive traffic to’s website – proving the value of visual-led storytelling on social media to illustrate company shifts and solutions to pain points.

  • 1,317 total engagements
  • 5.8% engagement rate 
  • 22,000+ total impressions
  • 102 new followers
  • 680 total website sessions

Ultimately, the Quicken social campaign not only successfully reached’s target audience following its brand refresh, but also helped further position as a mid-market player ahead of its IPO.

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