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Sendbird Paid and SEO Strategy

Enhanced tracking alongside a strategic paid and SEO program gives innovative startup the foundation for accelerated growth.

$6.4 million

in pipeline from 342 influenced opportunities

$2.5 million

in pipeline from 250 sourced opportunities


increase in organic search conversion rates



Mockup of multiple Sendbird paid ads featuring their Chat API Buyer's Guide

Project Overview

Sendbird’s mission is to build connections in a digital world through their chat, voice and video API. But like many rapidly growing startups, they needed strategic, specialized and consistent marketing expertise to help them connect with their audience and increase revenue as they grew their internal marketing team.

Sendbird initially looked to Walker Sands to provide guidance on personas, paid advertising and content. Following early successes, the partnership grew to include a full Marketo implementation and continued optimization of their paid and SEO programming, ultimately leading to millions in value for the startup. Through it all, Walker Sands was there to help support and scale Sendbird’s business as they continued to grow.

Mockup of one Sendbird paid ad featuring their Chat API Buyer's Guide

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