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Fuse PR Launch Strategy

An expert PR strategy garners top-tier coverage for new Seattle venture capital firm.


Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest region have quickly become one of the nation’s largest tech hubs, and as a result, venture capital firms are investing in the region’s tech startups at an increasing rate. To take advantage of the burgeoning market, two former VC pros from Seattle-based Ignition Partners teamed up with Bobby Wagner, captain of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, to launch Fuse, a Seattle VC firm focused on investing in Seattle B2B technology startups that are reinventing the economy with software.

Fuse partnered with Walker Sands to announce the firm’s launch, resulting in fantastic media coverage in outlets like CheddarGeekWire, The Wall Street JournalCNBC: Squawk Alley and ESPN.

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The Challenge

Ahead of the planned launch, Fuse knew they needed a PR partner who could help them make a splash in the media. To successfully launch their fund and build awareness among their target audiences, they needed a wide range of coverage that targeted investor, tech and Seattle business communities — and a PR partner with the deep media relationships and knowledge of the space to make it happen. With only five weeks until launch, the Walker Sands team went to work.

The Solution

With the goal of securing media coverage highlighting Fuse’s key messages while also increasing exposure for Bobby Wagner and fund partners Cameron Boruman and Kellan Carter in top-tier media, Walker Sands developed a multi-faceted PR strategy that included: 

  • Targeted reporter outreach across media types: National beats, including business, tech, VC and broadcast, as well as local VC, DEI thought leadership and sports beats were all hit with unique hooks to appeal to each respective media focus.
  • Thoughtful storytelling around Fuse’s inception and why Fuse is unique: Media outreach included Fuse’s key messaging around why they started the firm and their vision for a more diverse and equitable level of investment in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Interviews leveraging founding partners, high-profile limited partners from top PNW companies and Bobby Wagner: Walker Sands tapped every resource they had and leaned on several “sweeteners” to entice reporters, including offering Bobby for interviews on how his involvement with Fuse impacts his football career and setting up interviews with well-known limited partners of Fuse.
  • Deliberate timing of embargo outreach ahead of launch: Embargoed outreach began 1.5 weeks ahead of launch to ensure great coverage on the big day.

On launch day, Walker Sands distributed a press release and conducted aggressive media outreach to even more reporters who would potentially be interested in the news. The Fuse team had been fully prepped with a media FAQ document that included prepared talking points and media training conducted by Walker Sands, so they were ready to hit the ground running with interviews.

The Results

Fuse had an extremely successful launch with an exceptional variety and volume of coverage. Walker Sands’ PR strategy exposed Fuse to the core VC community on both a local and national level, while exceeding coverage expectations with a total of 35 media placements, 14 of which were in top-tier outlets. The media coverage highlighted many of Fuse’s key messages and garnered great exposure for Fuse’s leaders in top-tier outlets including: 

Throughout it all, the Walker Sands team’s quick and constant communication with the Fuse team led to a strong, trusting relationship. The Fuse team was thrilled with the results produced by Walker Sands, and they received great feedback from VC peers and family alike on the launch — with Kellan even sharing that his “mother [was] very proud to see [their] photo in the Wall Street Journal.”

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