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AHEAD Taps Into Marketing Strategy Alignment for Campaign Success

AHEAD places strategic marketing alignment and research at the center of a successful integrated program.




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Project Overview

The transition to fully remote work created a renewed sense of urgency for digital transformation in many organizations — and motivated B2B tech marketing teams to amplify their brands’ voices in the marketplace. To take advantage of the opportunity, digital solutions and management provider AHEAD wanted to further define its position as a company driving delivery at scale. Sensing a critical need to refresh its position and approach, AHEAD engaged Walker Sands to analyze its current marketing state and make recommendations for marketing strategy alignment. Walker Sands’ roadmap provided strategic insights that laid the groundwork for an integrated marketing program and creative campaign, delivering 62 media placements in the first year and 3.9M+ impressions in the first two months following the launch of AHEAD’s @Scale campaign.


IT Services


Marketing Strategy, Creative Campaigns, Public Relations, Motion Design


Visual representation of Walker Sands' process of aligning marketing and business goals to form a cohesive go-to-market strategy

Marketing Strategy

Through an in-depth marketing audit and competitor analysis, our team was able to align AHEAD’s marketing and business goals in a cohesive go-to-market strategy to create an integrated campaign with real ROI. 

Mockup of AHEAD's @Scale landing page
Mockup of AHEAD @Scale content piece
Mockup of two AHEAD media placements
VP of Strategy Erin Spanski headshot

Looking to align your marketing and business goals to achieve real ROI? Get in touch with Erin and our Marketing Strategy team.

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