Professional Services Public Relations for Growing Firms

Trying to improve revenue in professional services? Public relations could be the answer. Nearly all B2B companies can benefit from public relations. But a robust PR strategy is especially important for professional services firms – businesses that rise or fall based on their industry authority and thought leadership.

Differentiation and Professional Services Public Relations

As a professional services firm, your business model is different from other B2B companies. You’re not selling a product or solution. You’re selling knowledge and the ability to convert your expertise in positive outcomes for your clients.

Professional services public relations initiatives raise your firm’s visibility and improve your ability to attract new business. But it’s not enough to simply promote your skills and service offerings. You have to differentiate yourself and demonstrate why your business is better equipped to meet prospective clients’ needs than the competition.

When it’s done consistently and in consultation with an experienced PR partner, public relations can help growing professional services firm occupy and own a market niche. Instead of beating the bushes for new business, your firm becomes the go-to authority in your niche – the standard that the competition has to outperform to win new accounts. 

Professional Services Public Relations Tactics

No single PR tactic can provide the visibility your professional services firm needs to achieve a sustained growth curve. The best professional services public relations campaigns are part of a comprehensive PR strategy that relies on a diverse mix of tactics. 

  • Strategy and Messaging – An experienced B2B PR agency can help create a strategy designed to achieve the measurable business outcomes that matter to your firm. As part of the process, a trusted PR partner will work with you to identify messaging pillars that support your strategy across multiple channels. 
  • Professional Services Branding – Professional services branding helps your firm stand out in a crowded marketplace. In the professional services industry, branding isn’t just about a logo and brand colors. It also includes your brand voice, messaging pillars and other elements that are distinctive to your company.
  • Media Relations – Armed with a comprehensive strategy and clear messaging, your professional services public relations team can begin pitching relevant and useful stories to target publications. For maximum coverage, look for a PR partner that has existing relationships with key media outlets in your industry.
  • Data-driven PR – Proprietary data insights set leading professional services firms apart from the rest of the field. By capturing and analyzing survey data on topics that your audiences care about, you can position your brand as a resource for reporters and industry influencers.
  • Digital Marketing – When combined with professional services public relations, digital marketing amplifies your organization’s authority in the marketplace. The key is to find an agency partner capable of providing integrated PR and digital marketing services.

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