PR for Professional Services Firms

When it comes to PR for professional services firms, we’ve done it all – PR for top management consulting companies, PR for intellectual property experts, PR for information security consultants, PR for disaster recovery consultants, PR for systems integration IT consultants and more.

Professional services companies are usually dependent on building thought leadership within their niche in order to raise visibility and attract new clients. We help our clients inventory their thought leadership assets. We then package up that knowledge and expertise and bring it to market.

The basic exercise is to ask these key questions: What do you have expertise in that your competitors don’t have expertise in? Of those areas of expertise that are uniquely yours, is there market interest in learning more about what you know, and what’s the best way to capitalize on that interest?

In some cases, our clients have plenty of expertise but it’s undocumented or underleveraged. In the latter case, as an example, a professional services firm might have a library of white papers they’ve written but they’ve never used those white papers to get speaking opportunities at conferences or to secure media placements that generate qualified business leads.

In other cases, we have to work a little harder to draw out a firm’s thought leadership. We have a number of exercises that help us to do that.

As a PR firm that specializes in professional services PR, we take great pride in our track record of helping professional service firms to achieve their business objectives. Whether it’s a feature story in The Wall Street Journal or a brief mention in an industry vertical, we’ve seen PR work miracles for many consulting firms and professional service companies.

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