Media Relations Best Practices

Strong media relations are an integral component of your public relations strategy. By building strong relationships with influential reporters and bloggers, you can reach and connect to your target audiences. There are several important benefits of a media and public relations program that makes it a key pillar of any marketing strategy.

  • Increase Website Traffic and Leads: Often, when you are quoted in an online news publication or blog, the reporter will include an attribution and link to your website. These links are valuable in driving website traffic and positioning you as an authoritative source of information on relevant topics in the eyes of Google and other search engines. With links to your website on third-party news and websites, you will drive traffic back to your website and increase your search rankings, improving SEO performance and reaching new audiences.
  • Shorten Sales Cycles: Third-party validation of your services and expertise makes customers more inclined to make a purchase. A credible review from a respected publication or trade blogger can help customers feel more comfortable and excited about purchasing your product, reducing the purchasing risk for prospects. This is why it is critical for B2B and technology organizations to be visible on prominent media outlets and alternative digital resources.
  • Raise Awareness: Before launching a media relations program, few B2B buyers outside of your network and clients will know about your brand. But with placements and strong media relationships, companies can increase visibility among key audiences and position the organization as a thought leader and go-to resource for industry-related information.
  • Attract Investors: Similar to increasing awareness of your products and services among prospects, media relations can also help you achieve funding goals and attract investors. Many of our clients engage Walker Sands with the goal of generating new rounds of investment and facilitating acquisitions or mergers.
  • Enhance Other Aspects of Your Marketing Program: In addition to driving more traffic to your website and improving SEO performance, PR can augment other areas of your marketing program. This includes providing fodder for content marketing materials, such as white papers, website content and blog posts, as well as social media marketing initiatives.

A strong media strategy drives meaning business results for your company that results in sales and measurable increases in digital success. By building relationships with the media, you can improve your reputation and gain a competitive advantage.

Best Practices for Media Relations

Companies that haphazardly reach out to the media without a clear understanding of the news landscape or strategy will miss out on significant growth potential and risk tarnishing their brands. A strong media relations strategy must incorporate consistent messaging, well-targeted media lists, newsworthy media pitches, compelling content and measurable goals.

By incorporating these elements, your media relations efforts will contribute to your business growth and increase customer acquisition. If you are ready to generate more meaningful business results and sales increases using PR, call us today at (312) 235-6171 to learn more about our comprehensive services and client success stories.

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