Measuring PR ROI

Public relations can help you achieve amazing goals, but don’t trust your agency. Trust the metrics.

We believe in public relations that achieves measureable business results. The companies we work with typically use PR to achieve two goals:

  • Increase sales revenue to grow the overall business, or:
  • Increase the company value to acquire additional funding or create a successful exit opportunity

It is very important to us that our efforts go beyond supplying pretty placements to hang on the refrigerator. Why?

Public relations can and should be measured. We offer our clients an online dashboard to track not only their media placements, but the social shares and engagement levels of those placements as well. We use Brandwatch to measure the impact of our efforts on social mentions. And we dig into our client’s Web analytics tools to determine the impact of our efforts on Web traffic and on site conversions by filtering around referral traffic and branded search.

Walker Sands was founded by marketers who saw, first hand, the power of public relations in their own businesses. Over the years, Walker Sands has become a laboratory for marketing innovation as new channels of communication continue to emerge. We’ve poured further resources into what works and abandoned that which wasn’t effective.

What we’ve found is that many PR campaigns create a lot of noise without any significant measureable impact to the business. At the core of our philosophy is the belief that we must go beyond simply creating noise. Our PR approach is designed to create awareness and preference amongst your target audiences. It is designed to attract Web traffic and create leads for your business. It is designed with those bigger goals of sales and business valuation in mind.

Our results prove the value of this philosophy. Our clients have raised more than $130 million in VC funding. We’ve had 10 client exits totaling more than a half a billion dollars. Our campaigns have generated millions of dollars in new business. Those are the metrics that matter.

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