Innovative B2B Tech Marketing

Choosing a tech PR agency that engages in innovative B2B tech marketing strategies is paramount for both established technology companies and new tech startups. At Walker Sands, we’ve found that the best B2B tech marketing integrates social, search and public relations tactics into one PR strategy. Blending multiple tech PR tactics into a unified plan impacts the effectiveness of B2B tech public relations, resulting in increased brand visibility and greater ROI.

Leveraging Social Media in B2B Tech Marketing

Many B2B tech PR agencies don’t know how to use social media strategically as part of B2B tech marketing. These B2B tech marketers treat social media channels as one group, without researching the difference between the various forms of social media.

B2B tech PR customers use a mix of different social media channels in various ways, meaning that technology marketers should approach each form of social media differently:

  • Blogs – Company blogs are the groundwork of B2B social media. Before you can develop a Twitter, you need something to tweet about – the content posted on your blog should sustain your other social media channels. True B2B tech marketing innovation comes from frequently posted, original, shareable content that will help you acquire customers.
  • LinkedIn – Innovative tech marketers are able to employ social media as a direct driver of leads. According to a study from IDG Research, 45% of B2B tech marketers have acquired a customer directly from LinkedIn. Establishing a LinkedIn company page where you can interact with potential customers in your industry drives the perception of your business as a thought leader and generates leads.
  • Twitter – Building a Twitter presence is an important B2B tech PR tactic, as Twitter has increasingly become a forum for discussions about technology. B2B tech marketers should establish a voice in this space, tweeting multiple times daily about relevant industry news and topics without being overtly self-promotional.
  • Facebook – Facebook remains largely personal rather than business-focused, and consequently, a less important aspect of B2B tech marketing. Because it reaches such a broad audience, technology companies should still have a Facebook presence, sharing links to blog posts, events and major announcements.

Case Study in Combining Social, PR and Search in B2B Tech Marketing: Acquity Group

An integrated approach to B2B tech marketing should be a cornerstone of the PR and marketing strategies of top-tier tech PR agencies. Here at Walker Sands, we know that a combination of social, PR tactics and search provides the best exposure on all channels for technology companies like Acquity Group.

  • Consolidated plan. Walker Sands worked on an integrated B2B tech marketing campaign for Acquity Group, a digital marketing and e-commerce company that wanted to increase its awareness among its target audience, e-retailers in the mobile commerce space.
  • Innovative tech marketing. We used innovative tech PR tactics such as leveraging data to obtain an exclusive feature in Internet Retailer, a publication that targeted Acquity Group’s main audience. Our content served as a catalyst for search, social sharing and media opportunities.
  • Real results. As a result, Walker Sands’ B2B tech marketing efforts highly increased awareness of Acquity Group in the mobile space, causing web traffic to spike by 50 percent in the two months following the campaign.

Integrating your B2B tech marketing strategy can successfully increase visibility of your brand and generate sales and revenue for your business. The best B2B marketing innovation comes from tech PR agencies that fully understand the needs of your technology company and can meet them with an innovative tech marketing plan.

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