How to Increase Web Traffic

Are you wondering how to increase web traffic to your site? For B2B and high-growth technology companies, generating more traffic and qualified leads to your website is a top priority. Our team of web design and SEO professionals understands the importance of a website that doesn’t just look nice, but has a measurable impact on your business, too.

How to Increase Web Traffic

If a company website has loads of information about what they do and how to get in touch, but no one visits the page, is it really helping your business grow? When it comes to online lead-generation, more is more; in order to capture prospects and conversions, you need a consistent flow of incoming traffic. Depending on your industry, audience and business goals, there are a number of strategies that can help increase web traffic.

Here are tips for generating more web traffic:

  • Conduct a Website Audit: Before you focus on how to increase web traffic, it’s important to understand how your current site is performing and identify any gaps in website performance that are hindering traffic. Take the time to thoroughly evaluate each aspect of your website, including your analytics, content, calls to action and any other digital marketing programs you’ve been running. Insights gleaned from this research will help you determine which specific areas need improvement.
  • Develop High-Quality ContentOne of the best ways to increase web traffic and keep visitors on your site is to refresh it with useful, relevant content. Great content strikes a balance between being informative and engaging, bringing value to site visitors and providing them with a clear path to conversion.
  • Optimize Your Conversion Paths: More often than not, a successful website is built around logical, straightforward conversion paths. A new visitor to your site might land on your homepage, a product page, or maybe a company blog. From the start, it’s important to set conversion goals for your site and map out how traffic can convert from any given point.
  • Improve SEO: Organic search traffic is arguably some of the most valuable traffic your site can generate. It can reinforce your brand’s credibility and boost your search rankings compared to the competition, all at no cost-per-click. A strong SEO program, built on thorough keyword research, planning and regular updates, serves to increase your organic web traffic and expand your site’s reach.
  • Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising: For a quick boost in website traffic, a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program is another popular strategy. Through platforms such as Google AdWords, businesses can bid on specific search terms to drive paid traffic through to their site. PPC campaigns can be tailored to any budget, and are often a successful component of businesses’ hybrid search marketing strategies.

Increase Web Traffic and Facilitate Business Growth

The most visually appealing website might have little impact on an organization if it fails to deliver traffic and conversions. There are a number of contributing factors to underperforming websites, and almost as many ways to remedy the situation.

Does it feel like there are too few eyeballs on your company website? At Walker Sands, our team of web design and SEO consultants can pinpoint where clients’ websites fall short, and compose a strategy to ensure that they’re making the most of their online investments. Fill out the form or call us today at (312) 267-0066 to learn more about how we can help you increase web traffic to your site.

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