How to Improve Marketing for Consulting Companies

Consulting is a highly specialized business. Consequently, marketing for consulting companies needs to leverage content and other tactics that highlight the specific skill set your company brings to the marketplace.

At Walker Sands, we specialize in providing digital marketing for professional consulting firms. From information security to health care services, we help consulting companies turn promising leads into long-term clients.

Tactics for Marketing for Consulting Companies

Consulting companies often have expertise that goes unnoticed. An experienced public relations firm can provide in-depth knowledge about marketing for consulting companies and can leverage an array of tactics to bring you the results you need.

  • Develop Content. Relevant content can help build your brand by demonstrating industry knowledge and expertise to your key audiences. The consistent creation and distribution of compelling and interesting content increases your credibility in the marketplace.
  • Establish a Thought Leadership Presence. Thought leaders are seen as the go-to experts and leaders in their industries. Identify the questions your audience is asking and provide response across various media platforms. Bylines and speaking opportunities can help demonstrate your knowledge to potential clients. Well-established thought leaders are often called upon to provide insights about industry-specific topics.
  • Capture Email Addresses. Email remains one of the best strategies for direct content delivery. If you host a webinar or online coaching session, have attendees enter their email addresses to register. If you’re consistently developing quality content, build out your website to capture emails and generate quality mailing lists.
  • Follow-up on Qualified Leads. Now that you have a strong list of prospects via email, it’s important to follow up with them. Consider content marketing to nurture leads. Email newsletters and other content-rich materials can help move prospects along the conversion journey—as long as you don’t overwhelm prospects’ inboxes with content.

Marketing for Consulting Companies with Walker Sands

Walker Sands has a proven track record in providing marketing for consulting companies. We help consulting companies improve industry visibility and increase qualified leads along the way.

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