How to Improve Lead Generation for Professional Services

Lead generation for professional services firms is similar to lead gen for other B2B firms. But there are a few important differences that can ultimately determine your ability to close business, increase revenue and reach the next level of growth.

Defining Lead Generation for Professional Services Firms

As a professional services firm, knowledge is your most important asset. Instead of selling a product or solution, you’re selling your company’s expertise. To capture new business, you have to position your business at the center of industry conversations on multiple media channels.

But it’s not just about raising awareness among key audiences at the top of the sales funnel. You also have to connect with audiences further down the funnel, at the place where prospects convert to qualified leads.

Search marketing extends your ability to target specific audiences at specific points in the sales cycle. By performing segmented keyword analysis, you can identify themes and keywords that are relevant to prospects at the top of the sales funnel or leads that are closer to signing a contract – your choice.

For example, the phrase “small business accounting tips” might be useful for targeting prospects that aren’t sure whether they need an accounting, while the phrase “selecting an accounting firm” would be more appropriate for prospects that are actively in the market for professional accounting services.

  1. Data-driven PR.

    The development of proprietary data insights establishes authority and thought leadership with professional services audiences. Based on surveys of executives and other industry stakeholders, data-based campaigns typically include analysis and insights that highlight your expertise in areas that are relevant to your business.

    Why are data studies such an effective lead generation for professional services strategy? Data-driven insights are enhanced by digital marketing tactics that drive audiences to dedicated landing pages. When users visit the landing page and request to download the report, your business development team captures contact information for qualified leads.
  2. Social Media

    Social media helps build an industry following around your brand. By participating in relevant industry conversations on social media channels, you can position your business at the epicenter of trends and topics that matter to your audience.

    But social media can do more than just raise brand awareness. Remember the landing pages that invite users to complete a form to download a data report? In many cases, social media is instrumental in driving traffic to assets that result in increased lead generation for professional services companies.
  3. Case Studies

    Case studies are the bread and butter of lead generation for professional services brands. Rather than simply making target audience segments aware of your business, case studies demonstrate how your company achieves results for similar clients.

    Frequently, professional services firms use case studies not only to generate leads, but to move leads another step closer to a contract. When combined with other PR and digital marketing tactics, case studies are one of the most powerful promotional tools in your portfolio.

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