5 Ways to Quickly Create New Website Content

It’s often said that content is king, but in today’s digital environment, new website content trumps all. Online media has set a new standard for how frequently content changes, conditioning many readers to expect new information by the day, if not the hour. Companies today need a plan for consistently refreshing their digital content in order to keep their online brands fresh and drive new traffic.

5 Ways to Quickly Create New Website Content

Website content creation is no small feat. Quality online content has to fulfill a slew of requirements, whether it’s adhering to SEO principles, compelling new readers to visit your site or converting traffic on calls to action. At the same time, businesses can’t create content for content’s sake. The final product must offer value to readers and differentiate your firm from the competition.

Here are five tips to generating new website content fast:

  1. Define a Strategy: Regularly creating new, informative content starts with a sound strategy. The marketing team, in collaboration with employees from across the organization, must sketch out their content objectives and understand how those align with your overall business goals. A robust content strategy includes metrics for measuring the success of any given asset, and an idea of the different content tactics that you’ll rely on during the campaign (e.g., blogs, social media posts, white papers, video.) Building an editorial calendar, complete with content assignments and responsibilities for different team members, is a smart way to support your long-term strategy and stick to it.

  2. Repurpose Existing Assets: One of the simplest ways to churn out new website content is to reuse assets that you already have. Plenty of businesses have an arsenal of unused or underutilized content resources waiting to be refreshed. A white paper from a year or two ago can be revisited and updated with new data; case studies can be edited down into new blog posts, or turned into short video testimonials. In minimal time, one existing piece of content can inspire a variety of new possibilities.

  3. Become a Curator: If you’re strapped for time and staff to dedicate to new content production, curation might be the next best step. Instead of investing hours into writing ten blog posts from scratch or designing an infographic, you can sift through high quality content that’s already been published. Carefully rearranging and analyzing industry or trend-specific news can keep readers coming back for your firm’s consolidated, unique perspective.

  4. Invest in Perpetual Content: When drafting your overall content strategy, look for opportunities to create perpetual assets rather than just one-off projects. A data study, for example, can lend itself not just to a lengthy report, but also blog posts, infographics, or webinars. The methodology can then be replicated on a quarterly or annual basis to constantly refresh the findings. Creating perpetual content assets around a particular theme or vertical can further establish you firm as a thought leader, all while guaranteeing a constant pipeline of new material.

  5. Tap into Technology: Content creation is an art and a science, one that involves the shared brainpower of copywriters, designers and staff beyond the marketing department. To augment your human capital, there are a handful of tech tools that can speed up the content production process. For instance, some content management systems come equipped with data-powered content generation capabilities that take the legwork out of drafting SEO-optimized copy.

Keeping your online real estate fresh with new website content is crucial to driving new leads and expanding your company’s target audience. In order to create content that resonates and sells, make sure to have a solid plan and overall strategy in place. At Walker Sands, we have the experience to help you assess your current content resources, craft a strategy tailored to your goals and follow through with it. Fill out the form or call us today at (312) 267-0066 to learn more.

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