How to Write Great Website Content

Consumers and B2B sales prospects are demanding more from business sites than ever before.

Interactivity and user-engagement are standard features for any business that sees its online presence as a cornerstone of its sales and marketing strategy.

At the heart of the push for greater online experiences is a demand for content. Content defines the online experience because it is the driver behind your site’s ability to attract, engage and convert visitors. We encourage our clients to make the quality of their web content the first priority in their online strategies, and to incorporate the following guidelines into the content creation processes.

  • Write for people, not search engines. We’re not saying that SEO isn’t a factor in web content. It is. But the Walker Sands mantra is solid content first, SEO second. Too many businesses get caught up in the SEO game and end up creating content that isn’t appealing or useful to visitors. As a result, bounce rates spike, SEO rank plummets and repeat visitors become virtually nonexistent the exact opposite of the benefits your content should be delivering to your website.
  • Focus on “why”. Vanilla content takes great pains to describe the “what” and the “how” of the topic being discussed. In the process, it loses its value because web audiences are more concerned about the “why”. Specifically, business site visitors want to know why the subject is important to them. We help businesses create compelling content that answers the “whys” and contextualizes it for their readers.
  • Use bullets. Bullets are a visual and conceptual aid that enhances the value of your content. Like it or not, relatively few readers are going to take the time to digest every word on the webpage. Instead, they’ll scan it for the material that’s most important to them. Bullets and lists highlight key points, and put the content that’s most important to you on your readers’ radar.
  • Be concise. Large blocks of content aren’t well received by web audiences. Online readers are accustomed to sites that are highly navigable and serve content in relatively small bites. Limit the focus of each webpage to a handful of key points and separate long sections of content into multiple pages.

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