Why It’s Important to Have Diversity in the Workplace

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At Walker Sands, we believe in the importance of creating an agency that is diverse, inclusive and welcoming.

But why do we place value on having a diverse and inclusive workplace? Is it about fostering a supportive culture? Attracting great talent? Producing better results for our clients?

Spoiler alert: it’s all of the above.

We decided to look inward and ask several leaders at Walker Sands why they believe it is important to have diversity in the workplace. Here are just a few of the many reasons we value diversity at Walker Sands:

More perspectives mean a better work product

“We pride ourselves in producing work that pushes the envelope, challenges the status quo and makes B2B marketing bigger, better and smarter. In order to achieve this level of excellence, it’s important that all opinions, perspectives, ideas and backgrounds are represented. Broadening our perspectives will only increase our ability to work together and generate great outcomes.”
Courtney Beasley, VP of Marketing

“An overwhelming body of evidence demonstrates that diverse teams produce better results. Harvard Business Review. McKinsey & Company. Study after study proves that diversity wins. We want to be the best B2B marketing agency in the world. To achieve our goal, we’ll need the best team in the world, and that won’t happen without diversity.”
Dion Manly, Senior Director of Operations

You can’t attract the industry’s best talent without valuing diversity

“It’s not just important for Walker Sands to value diversity, it’s necessary. It’s essential for attracting, engaging and retaining top talent, for serving and understanding our clients and for creating an inclusive, best place to work.”
Rosita Vivanco, Account Director

A supportive workplace sets employees up to succeed

“People are a company’s greatest asset. Having an inclusive and welcoming environment goes beyond creating a positive office morale. It provides me the opportunity to grow as an individual and succeed professionally in an equal environment, despite my gender or marital status. It is empowering to work in a supportive community that promotes and instills diversity from the top down, where I can successfully grow in my career.”
Marci Tsiribas, Talent Acquisition Manager

Employee happiness promotes a thriving culture

“We’re all aware that diversity in the workplace enhances innovation and increases profitability. These are the fiscal tangibles. But the true benefits of diversity aren’t as easily measurable: broadened perspectives, POC employee morale/buy-in, increased happiness, reduced turnover and a more flourishing culture for all employees. DEI is a necessity for any company striving to achieve longevity and success in the 21st century.”
Ryan Sorrell, SEO Associate

“It’s important that Walker Sands values diversity because diverse voices make for a stronger, more inclusive and ultimately better place to work. Having diverse voices in our meetings and initiatives ensures that all audiences are represented not only in the work that we do, but the mission and values that support our agency holistically.”
Meg Dedyne, PR Manager

There’s an opportunity to move the industry forward.

“I seek to work in a place that values a diverse set of ideas and perspectives. That can only be achieved in a diverse workplace where people come from varying backgrounds across a range of demographics. I also want to be a part of the solution — not the problem — when it comes to achieving equity and inclusion in the workplace for underrepresented groups. The communications field will better itself and its outputs because of these efforts becoming and remaining a priority across the industry.”
Brittany Martin, Senior Media Relations Strategist

Bottom line: at Walker Sands, we are building toward the goal of becoming the world’s best B2B marketing agency. A diverse workforce is critical to ensuring that we all get there together.


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