Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mission

At Walker Sands, we believe that a workforce drawing from a diverse range of experiences, perspectives and backgrounds is the backbone of an innovative and creative agency culture.

Cultivating an environment where every voice matters

We value the individual experiences and backgrounds each Walker Sands team member brings to the workplace. Our culture empowers individuals to voice their unique perspectives, speak up to prompt change and practice mutual respect and inclusion daily.

Our leadership fosters an accepting environment where everyone is accountable for embracing diverse viewpoints. This allows our teams to harness these perspectives and cultivate innovative solutions, nurture strong client relationships and consistently deliver work that reflects the diverse world we serve.

Embrace unique experiences and viewpoints to excel

At our core, we understand the importance of different perspectives, experiences and characteristics, from race and gender to sexual identity, socioeconomic background and more. Our unique backgrounds help us identify innovative ways of solving complex problems, which is why we aim to implement equitable hiring policies and practices that help us attract diverse talent.

Recognize and eliminate barriers to provide equal opportunity

We strive for equal opportunity across all levels of the organization. This means providing opportunities based on merit and potential, working to eliminate bias in our internal operations and ensuring everyone has an opportunity to be heard and participate.

Harness respect and acceptance to deliver great work

We are committed to fostering a workforce that values and respects everyone — and their ideas. From employee resource groups that create additional spaces for our team members to be their authentic selves, to our Annual DEI Moments Program that helps us honor the many significant cultural events important to our diverse workforce, we aim to cultivate an environment of belonging and inclusivity.

Walker Sands employees speaking at a PRSSA Chicago event held at the office.

Expanding our reach

We strive to build strong relationships with a variety of academic, club and professional organizations to cultivate a more diverse candidate pipeline.

Empowering growth

We encourage team members at all levels to attend educational DEI events throughout the year. We also provide informal opportunities to discuss DEI-related topics.

six people in a conference room smiling and holding origami
Five people standing in front of a wall that says "Food Lifeline."

Marketing for impact

We give back to our communities by donating our services to local nonprofits that are in need of marketing services, but may not have the resources to get there.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

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Walker Mental Health and Disability

Walker Mental Health and Disability provides a safe space to understand and discuss the unique challenges that come with both physical disabilities and mental health illnesses and struggles.

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Walker Parents

Walker Parents helps parents and caregivers at Walker Sands connect and build community, providing resources and support so members can thrive in the workplace.

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Walker POC

Walker POC supports the growth and development of employees who identify as people of color, celebrating annual cultural moments and empowering members to spur change at the agency and beyond.

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Walker Pride

Walker Pride provides a safe space for LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies to connect, learn and grow. The group engages in meaningful dialogue, amplifying the voices of its members.

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Walker Women

Walker Women supports the unique experiences of women and femmes in the workplace, offering a space for members to connect, share resources and advocate for change.

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Meet the Walker Sands team

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