Creative Writing Prompts for PR

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Often the hardest part of crafting the perfect pitch is knowing where to begin, or sometimes you may be worried about boring press with overly proper and technical language. Regardless, creative writing can be tricky and there’s nothing worse than wracking your brain over a single word choice, only for it to go unnoticed.

Personally, the amount of time I spend thinking about what to write, how to say it, or how to connect the dots for the audience is far greater than the time it takes to actually put the thoughts on paper. Now and then, having a simple formula to follow or tool kit to pull from can speed up that process, break down that writer’s block and get the gears turning. If you’re ever stumped on how to start or spice up your pitch, here are a few tips to help inspire some creative ideas:

  1. Answer the journalist’s five questions — who, what, when, where, and why. Keep it to the point and don’t make it too fluffy.
  2. Incorporate vivid descriptions to evoke emotion.
  3. Connect your main points to a timely industry news hook to help capture attention.
  4. Ask thought-provoking questions, whether you answer them in the pitch or not. This helps the journalist see how the topic might make readers think and the different directions the story could go.
  5. Take a risk — whether it’s a bold subject line or including an offbeat point of view, this goes a long way in making the pitch stand out.

As PR pros, we’re constantly looking to better understand and accommodate the media — and well-written fresh material certainly can help. Need help crafting creative pitches that land great coverage? Get in touch with our PR experts for help.


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