Client Event Strategies, Part 3: Video Support

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This week, we’ve broken down the three-pronged event PR strategy we deployed to support our client Dynatrace, at their recent Perform conference in Las Vegas. We touched on how to best expect the unexpected when it comes to managing media relations at client events, and explored the best angles for creating relevant and engaging event-related content, while on site at the event.

For the final part of this series, we’ll be taking a look at how we integrated video support as part of our strategy and were able to elicit some great on-camera testimonials from spokespeople who may not always love being in front of the camera.

Alleviating those on-camera nerves for video testimonials

Dynatrace had a strong showing of customers across a variety of industries at Perform. While many attended for various reasons – presenting on the show’s mainstage, hosting a more personalized session of their own, or simply to soak in all the conference had to offer – Dynatrace used the rare occurrence of having so many customers in the same place, at the same time, to film customer testimonial videos.

On site, it was our responsibility to conduct the actual interviews, and make sure we were eliciting useful responses that would ensure the final product would be valuable for Dynatrace. However, extracting insightful information from executives that are nervous in front of the camera proved to be a bit more challenging than we expected.

The trick here was to make them feel like they were in their own element. Executives are in their positions for a reason – they are the experts in their industries. So, starting off with some questions about themselves, their passions and their day-to-day priorities, was a great way to put them at ease. Once they got deeper into the conversation, hitting on topics they know inside and out, the cameras faded away and their true personalities came out, resulting in super valuable testimonies for Dynatrace.


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