Client Event Strategies, Part 1: Media Management

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Event support is a major part of so many of our client strategies. While this often revolves around working with clients at third-party events they might attend — think CES or Mobile World Congress — we also get many opportunities to support clients at their own events.

We recently supported our client Dynatrace at its fifth annual Perform conference at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, providing three main capacities on site. And, as you might imagine, each came with their own set of unique benefits and challenges.

Check back through the week for our full blog series on how we deployed each part of this three-pronged approach of media, content and customer video support. Today, we’re taking a look at the media side of things.

Always have a media plan B in your back pocket

Hosting media at a vendor event ideally brings together a bunch of different elements to ensure value on both sides – and to get press to attend in the first place! It’s best if we’re able to strike a balance of interesting presentations, enticing news, direct access to customers and demonstrations of new innovations.

Luckily, at Perform 2018, Dynatrace had all four.

With a jam-packed mainstage agenda, research survey launch, great customer lineup and cool new tech, media had their hands full for their time in Las Vegas. And, the coverage proved it with a plethora of conference recaps, customer stories and product news.

But, even with all this in play, you have to expect the unexpected.

Schedules change, red tape gets in the way and sometimes people just aren’t where they’re supposed to be. With a few missed briefings and gaps in schedules, we learned that it’s good to have a backup plan at the ready. Whether that’s another customer available and approved to speak with the press, or a tag-team strategy for executive briefings in case one gets called away, thinking of all possible scenarios helps large-scale client events like this go off without a hitch.


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