ABM: From Strategy to Execution in 10 Days – Days 7-10

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In our last blog post, we talked about where you should be focused during the first six days of planning a successful, lead-generating ABM campaign. The last four days of planning are critical to ensuring your campaign is polished and ready to engage your audience. Days seven through ten should be focused on developing your cadence, aligning with your sales team, testing and launching your campaign. By taking each day at a time and following the checklist throughout, you’ll end up with a strategic ABM campaign ready to go in just ten days.

DAY SEVEN: Develop cadence of outreach strategy

☐ Set up timing and cadence for each touchpoint of the campaign
☐ Double check that prospects will receive proper follow-up after each touchpoint throughout the campaign

Cadence is imperative when launching any marketing initiative and will help define the success of your account-based marketing campaign. Before testing and launching your campaign, work with the team to establish the timing of your outreach strategy, from the first day of the campaign to the last. If you’re staggering launch dates or cycling in new contacts as engagements roll in, consider that each account will be on a different schedule. Your cadence should factor in the channels you are targeting as well as the content you are promoting. For example, if you are calling your prospects, make sure to follow up with an email within one to two days.

DAY EIGHT: Align your timing, messaging and technology with your sales team

☐ Meet with your sales team to align on campaign cadence
☐ Develop solid sales-marketing communication before campaign launch
☐ Review tools with sales team to ensure effective follow-up throughout campaign

Collaboration between marketing and sales is imperative for a successful ABM campaign. Touch base with your sales team to review the timing and messaging of your campaign while working together as a team to set up technology platforms for accurate measurement and reporting.

  • Review the tools you’ll use throughout the campaign
  • Talk through cadence of the campaign and where sales will be involved
  • Walk through your nurture tracks for each prospect
  • Clarify the follow-up process

By developing strong communication before launching your campaign, you’ll ensure openness throughout the process and will be able to iterate as necessary.


☐ Set UTM parameters for each resource
☐ Test links in email communication
☐ Test form(s) on landing page(s)
☐ Develop reporting structure

Setting up a test before your launch date will significantly decrease your room for error. Work with your team to test all facets of your campaign, from email copy and links to landing pages on your website. Develop a reporting structure to track your goals throughout the campaign and capture data through each touchpoint through UTMs. Check all campaign assets one last time before you go live!

DAY TEN: Launch!

☐ Launch your campaign!
☐ Monitor and iterate where needed

It’s go time.

This process will make you feel like you’re running a mile a minute, but the pay-off from account-based marketing will be worth it. With a solid team, a clear outreach strategy and established and agreed-upon goals, you’ll be set up for great success. Within ten days, you’ll find a clear path to launching an effective ABM campaign that will yield great results for your business. Don’t forget to check in with your ABM team throughout the campaign to discuss what’s working and what is not. Use these check-ins as a time to iterate when needed and continue to improve.

This may feel like a lot to take on alone, especially while you’re juggling the volatile climate of the marketplace. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be in a good place to launch a lead-generating account-based marketing campaign in ten days. If you need additional help with your account-based marketing strategy, Walker Sands is here to help. Contact our team of experts here.


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