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Walker Sands Takes Home 2022 B2 Award for Outstanding Digital Marketing Work

From SEM to marketing automation, successful B2B demand generation strategies are key to achieving business goals and reaching your audience. Our demand gen experts continue to leverage their digital expertise to craft bottom-line-boosting marketing programs for our clients, which is why we’re honored to receive a 2022 Silver B2 Award for our paid and SEO work for Sendbird.

Here’s a recap of the work recognized by the B2 Awards.

Accelerating Sendbird’s Growth With Optimized Paid and SEO

Our work with Sendbird, a chat API startup, spanned essential components of demand generation — encompassing strategy, infrastructure and execution. Like many rapidly growing startups, Sendbird needed strategic marketing expertise to help them connect with their audience and increase revenue.

After building a solid marketing automation standup, Walker Sands went on to execute a robust paid marketing and SEO strategy that allowed Sendbird to shore up their lead pipeline and uncover technical areas to improve performance throughout the funnel.

As a strategic partner, Walker Sands delivered recommendations to Sendbird that pushed them to consider different promotional angles based on identified pain points from the buyer’s journey. These insights guided the development of content and creative that would resonate with their audiences — from prospects to target accounts — including industry-specific guides, white papers, live webinars and more.

Armed with new content and greater visibility into paid performance after addressing tracking implementation, Walker Sands launched hundreds of new paid campaigns and trialed different types of ads and copy including remarketing, video, lead gen forms and more — constantly testing and optimizing along the way to ensure top performance.

Alongside the paid work, Walker Sands built a content and technical SEO strategy that would achieve short-term results within a long-term strategy to improve Sendbird’s search rankings and maintain relevance. The team conducted ongoing SEO health check reports to make technical optimizations to improve performance over time and drafted strategic content to capitalize on identified keyword terms.

Ultimately, the demand generation program generated impressive results for Sendbird over a nearly two-year period, including $12.7 million in pipeline from 816 influenced opportunities, a 38% increase in opportunities YoY and a 59% increase in organic search conversion rates. All of this contributed to Sendbird reaching unicorn status in April 2021 as it raised $100 million in Series C at $1.05 billion valuation. Read the full case study here.

Sendbird demand gen mockup

Congratulations to Sendbird and our talented team members for executing a highly successful campaign and earning this well-deserved recognition. Get in touch to start a conversation about how Walker Sands’ results-driven marketing expertise can impact your business.

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