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5 Tips for Branding on Social Media

Social media is a key platform that should be in your branding arsenal. On social media, companies can build meaningful relationships with target audiences, drive traffic to their website and amplify PR efforts, including placements, blog posts and other content.

Branding on Social Media: 5 Tips to Help You Excel

More B2B companies are recognizing the value of social media. Just take our client ThreatMetrix, for example, a cybersecurity platform that garnered highly relevant interest and a jump in traffic by 91 percent to its website thanks to a robust social media presence.

When executed effectively, social media enables you to reach targeted prospects, promote thought leadership and create a dialogue with customers. Here are five tips to help your company excel with branding on social media.

  1. Use a Consistent Logo. When users view your brand on various social media channels, they should have the same experience regardless of channel. Consistency builds the strength and relevancy of your brand across all social media channels, so be sure to use the same logo and design elements across all accounts to ensure your content is associated with your company.
  2. Deliver Your Message with the Same Voice. You don’t necessarily have to carry a formal tone in your social media accounts as you do in web content, but your tone should be consistent across every form of social communication.
  3. Provide Unique Content Tailored to Each Channel. It’s smart to share the same blog post across multiple networks, but it helps to tailor it for different audiences and channels. When you post on Facebook, use imagery to complement your content. On LinkedIn, use language to target job seekers and professionals. With Twitter, you need bite-sized content with shortened links.
  4. Engage Your Followers. Stir up a conversation and engage your audience by asking questions, retweeting relevant and timely content from others in your industry and promoting news articles from journalists you target. You can even ask a reporter or prospect to provide a quote for your upcoming blog post or white paper via social media. This is a great way to gain followers and increase engagement.
  5. Stay Up to Date on Each Platform. It’s crucial to stay relevant by posting fresh content on a regular basis across your social media channels. Social media is all about timeliness. Share. Respond. Engage. Repeat. Your audience will continue to grow as long as your content is interesting and relevant.

Social media is an essential tool in a multi-channel PR approach. Before you start building your social media presence, make sure to have clear business goals in mind and a rock solid strategy.

If you are ready to launch a social media program focused on branding and generating leads for tech and B2B companies, Walker Sands has the experience and results necessary to build a following, drive corporate growth and increase website traffic.

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