4 Steps for Successful Local Marketing and PR Campaigns

Many companies get so caught up in securing national coverage like the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, they forget about the local marketing and PR opportunities right in their own backyard. While big-name, national press can be great publicity, securing strong local coverage can often drive just as many, if not more, leads and business opportunities for your business.

4 Components of Successful Local Marketing and PR Campaigns

There are several benefits of securing local media coverage, including increased awareness of your company in your community, enhanced credibility and a highly targeted reader base. And an arsenal of positive local coverage will make your company look more legitimate and interesting to national reporters.

At Walker Sands, we help clients craft compelling PR campaigns that capture local media attention. There are six components that are critical to success when developing local marketing and PR campaigns:

  1. Establish Goals: As with any marketing or PR campaign, it’s important to set clear goals before conducting outreach. What main messages do you want to highlight in local media channels? Once you have your goals established, you will be better prepared to build you target media list of local publications and reporters.
  2. Tie in a Local Angle: Local media outlets will only write stories that have a local tie. If you are an e-commerce software company based in Silicon Valley, don’t try to pitch Seattle reporters about your new product launch just because a lot of major retailers are based there. Good local angles include new office openings, commentary on local economic trends, a story about a local resident that works at your company, hiring announcements or a story about how your company gave back to a local charity.
  3. Build Relationships with Local Reporters: Strong relationships with local journalists and bloggers can do wonders for your local marketing and PR initiatives. Build rapport with reporters who live and work in the same city or community by inviting them to grab a coffee or to visit your local offices instead of conducting a phone interview. This face-to-face interaction will improve your likelihood of coverage and position you as a go-to local media source.
  4. Support Local Events: Supporting local events is another great way to raise visibility of your company in the community. For example, if you are a mobile app developer, consider hosting or sponsoring a local college hackathon. This increases awareness of your company among the community and college students looking for a career after graduation. Additionally, these often make for strong feature stories in local publications.

Next Steps for Launching a Local Marketing and PR Campaign

The best local marketing and PR campaigns have an emotional appeal and directly affect local communities. When targeting local publications, it’s important to tailor your outreach to satisfy the reporters’ interests and beat.

Walker Sands has a strong understanding and experience reaching local markets to increase corporate visibility and drive real business results. If you are ready to get started with your local media campaign, give us a call today at (312) 235-6171.