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At Walker Sands, we believe that PR is more than simply getting you placements. We help our clients use the intersection of Public Relations, Social, and Search to build brand awareness and generate new leads. We deliver real measurable business impact and not just vanity metrics. That's the Walker Sands Philosophy.


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Learn how Walker Sands produces real results for clients.

Alterian Marketing Automation Software PR Case Study

Leads Jump 200% for Marketing Automation Company.

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Acquity Group PR Case Study

Data PR Boosts Web Visits by 50%

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  • Will Taking the Moral High Ground Make Ello the New Facebook?

    In the wake of controversy over Facebook’s real-name policy emerged the noble, altruistic social network, Ello. The artists and designers who created Ello rode in like hipster- knights in shining armor and declared their valiant manifesto; that those wanting to maintain their identities of choice and who don’t want their social activity to be bought and sold for the almighty advertising dollar need look no further. • Read more »

  •  Should the NFL Abandon Pink?

    For the past five seasons, NFL players have donned pink cleats, gloves, hats and towels in October to raise awareness for breast cancer. The league has been panned before for a perceived lack of transparency about how sales of pink merchandise fund breast cancer. This time around, however, the league announced that they would be dialing back on pink, perhaps as a result of backlash against its donation strategy in which a small fraction of the money from pink branded NFL products go to charity. • Read more »

  • The Cyber-security Commandments

    n honor of cyber-security month in October, Walker Sands’ IT Kaizen put together a list of “Cyber-security Commandments.” Following these rules will help you avoid most cyber-security problems. They’ll also keep your technology running smoothly.• Read more »

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