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At Walker Sands, we believe that PR is more than simply getting you placements. We help our clients use the intersection of Public Relations, Social, and Search to build brand awareness and generate new leads. We deliver real measurable business impact and not just vanity metrics. That's the Walker Sands Philosophy.


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Learn how Walker Sands produces real results for clients.

Alterian Marketing Automation Software PR Case Study

Leads Jump 200% for Marketing Automation Company.

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Acquity Group PR Case Study

Data PR Boosts Web Visits by 50%

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  • Generating Value through Pinterest: Webinar Review

    A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit in on a Pinterest webinar led by Tom Logan and Wes Yee of Piqora, a marketing suite for Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. The webinar explained how brands can be successful on Pinterest, a platform that’s fundamentally different from Facebook, Twitter and others. • Read more »

  • Why the Excubator Model Matters: George Deeb at Techweek

    ast Friday, Ensemble co-founder George Deeb held office hours at Techweek Chicago. At the Walker Sands-sponsored Techweek Knowledge Bar, George counseled entrepreneurs, answering startup success-related questions and introduced them to the excubator model. • Read more »

  • Creating Meaningful Solutions through Productivity and Passion

    According to Crain’s Chicago Business, Millennium Park is Chicago’s second largest tourist attraction in Chicago by attendance. Inside the park lives The Bean (more formally known as Cloud Gate), one of Chicago’s most recognizable icons that attracts millions of selfie-taking visitors each year. Despite its stature, The Bean receives little real-estate on the Millennium Park website and isn’t always easy to find once at the park. • Read more »

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