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Mattersight Rebrand and Website Redesign

Acquisition by $5 billion company follows the creation of a new visual identity system and website for leading SaaS provider.

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Mattersight, an enterprise-grade SaaS solution, needed a responsive, modern and search-optimized website that matched its innovative technology. After a thorough discovery process and developing a visual identity, Walker Sands created a new site and demand gen program to drive traffic and generate leads.

The project led to a 340% traffic increase, a 21% improvement in site speed and a 385% new visitor increase. Walker Sands’ work positioned Mattersight as a leader in the SaaS space, facilitated triple-digital increases in web performance and eventually helped the company navigate a subsequent acquisition by NICE, a $5 billion company.

new website visitor increase

web traffic increase

acquisition by NICE, a $5B company

The Challenge

Mattersight needed a new brand identity to better position itself as a leading provider of innovative technology solutions. The company enlisted Walker Sands to:

  • Elevate the brand with a distinct identity system and logomark to stand out against the competitive landscape
  • Unite marketing materials with a consistent application of the new identity to build awareness and trust with prospects, customers, investors and job candidates
  • Redesign the website to reflect the new branding while optimizing for mobile and search

The Solution

With an expert team of branding strategists, designers, content creators and web developers, Walker Sands got to work on a complete refresh of Mattersight’s visual identity.

Brand Discovery and Audit

To get started, the Walker Sands team conducted a comprehensive audit of Mattersight’s existing brand and the competitive landscape.

Based on this research, Walker Sands designed a scorecard against which the success of Mattersight’s new identity system could be measured. The scorecard specified eight criteria for success:

  • Color clarity: Logo should be reduced to one color or have increased contrast between multiple hues for clarity and legibility.
  • Color uniqueness: Logo should leverage red hue as primary color to stand out among Mattersight’s competitors and role model companies.
  • Scalability: Logo and badge should retain legibility when rendered at different sizes across mediums.
  • Sans serif type: Logo should leverage sans serif font for consistency with competitive and aspirational landscape.
  • All caps or lowercase type: Logotype should be rendered in all caps or lowercase for consistency with competitive and aspirational landscape.
  • Type size and spacing: Type scale and size must be balanced to retain legibility at different sizes with proper kerning.
  • Brand symbolism: Logo must leverage color, graphics or other visual treatments to symbolize brand value or personality.
  • Minimalism: Logo must leverage clean lines and non-competitive visual elements, and would remove any unnecessary tagline or registration marks.

The Logo

Armed with the insights and scorecard from the brand audit, the Walker Sands team began the process of creating a new logo for Mattersight.

  • Lowercase wordmark connotes approachability and is consistent across the tech-forward brand landscape.
  • Joined Ts symbolize the connection between the client’s customers and the agents handling their needs, reiterating the connection Mattersight delivers to its clients.
  • Leverages red to build on existing brand equity and improve brand differentiation within a predominantly blue competitive landscape.

The final logo helped tell Mattersight’s brand story by infusing more of its personality while maintaining their iconic red to help the brand stand out from the crowd.

  • Inspired by Mattersight’s periodic table of personalities, this badge symbolizes the chemistry of conversation while allowing the identity system to scale at small sizes.

Brand Guidelines and Assets

With a new logo completed, Walker Sands documented the updated visual identity in a comprehensive brand guideline book that specified color and typographic systems, detailed a new graphic language and sought to empower Mattersight’s marketing team and the broader organization to apply the identity consistently across branded materials.

Walker Sands then helped Mattersight bring the brand to life across a variety of internal and external marketing collateral including corporate signage, business cards, stationery, direct mail and more.

Other refreshed materials included PowerPoint case study templates, white paper layouts, reporting examples, product UI/UX mockups and long-form content branded templates.

The Website Redesign

Once the new visual identity was established, the Walker Sands team began work redesigning the website. To improve UX and increase conversions, the team reworked the website’s sitemap to provide users with intuitive navigation, and established a content architecture that would allow potential customers to fully understand Mattersight’s products and value propositions. Messaging across the site was updated to better resonate with Mattersight’s key audiences and optimized for search.

To ensure the site would be responsive and easy to update by Mattersight’s internal marketing team, Walker Sands designed the website mobile-first in the easy-to-use and customizable WordPress CMS.

The Results

Not only did Mattersight’s new brand visual identity succeed in all metrics on the internal scorecard, but it repositioned the company with customers, prospects and internal company stakeholders.

Mattersight’s website introduced the new brand to the world while providing an interactive browsing experience optimized for search and lead generation. Following the launch, Mattersight saw incredible results in site performance:

  • 385% new website visitor increase
  • 340% web traffic increase

Repositioned in the market and with great momentum coming out of the rebrand, Mattersight was acquired by NICE, a $5 billion enterprise software company.

“From the moment I read your proposal and saw your work, I never doubted that we picked the right partner. You all are extremely dedicated, hard-working, and very talented. We love the new brand and our new website is awesome. Great job!”

Amanda Beto
Senior Marketing Director, Mattersight

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