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Rebrand Strategically Positions LogicGate as Confident SaaS Technology Provider

Risk management technology provider stands out as a leader in GRC technology with a rebrand that promotes confidence over fear.

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LogicGate is a cloud-based, SaaS technology provider that operationalizes regulatory risk and compliance programs. Its technology, the LogicGate Risk Cloud™, is the world’s most nimble and collaborative GRC platform. The functionality of its no-code application builder, graph database and intuitive design gives process owners the ability to quickly adapt to market changes and the freedom to imagine, rethink and explore processes in an ever-changing risk landscape.

Although LogicGate’s technology outpaced other providers, the brand struggled to differentiate itself in the marketplace. So, when the company’s brand identity wasn’t keeping up with its rapid growth, LogicGate tasked Walker Sands with designing a new brand identity that would enable LogicGate to stand out in a field rife with similar-sounding competitors.

The Challenge

LogicGate offers one of the most powerful GRC platforms on the market. But many of its competitors made similar claims around ease-of-use, flexibility and robust reporting. Additionally, LogicGate’s rapid growth resulted in inconsistent messaging and visual applications that caused confusion for its audiences.

From the outset of the engagement, it was clear that Walker Sands would need to apply a multi-pronged approach. In addition to standardizing LogicGate’s messaging and visual applications through a cohesive verbal and visual identity, Walker Sands needed to develop a brand identity capable of communicating the company’s unique capabilities and capturing the attention of target audiences in a crowded technology marketplace.

The Solution

Walker Sands kicked off the project by developing a visual identity that spoke more directly to LogicGate’s core offerings. Supported by market research and in collaborative partnership with the team at LogicGate, Walker Sands’ brand experts developed a new visual identity built on the brand pillars of agility, freedom and collaboration.

Inspired by the shapes and arrows in the LogicGate platform’s drag-and-drop workflow builder, the Walker Sands team created the “Workflow” brand device as a core element of the visual system. The device was designed to feel nimble and flexible, and its ability to break outside of the brand’s grid system conveys a feeling of freedom. Most importantly, the Workflow device gives the brand a sense of light and playfulness — a stark contrast to the dark, fear-based approach common in the industry.

Additionally, vibrant colors were selected for the brand device so it would be clearly visible on any background. The remaining color system relies on a sophisticated, monochromatic blue palette that evokes feelings of security and trust. To complement the brand device, the visual identity system includes custom iconography to create consistency in even the brand’s smallest elements.

When it came to LogicGate’s verbal identity, the Walker Sands team worked with LogicGate to move the conversation about risk away from fear and reactiveness. Instead, the verbal brand identity would focus on empowering enterprises to turn business risks into opportunities.

With that in mind, the team developed a confident, charismatic and colloquial voice and tone that portrayed risk management in a new light. To reinforce LogicGate’s vision, we played off a common expression to create the tagline, “Know Risk. Know Reward.” The concept here was to communicate that by understanding and planning for risk, organizations are better equipped to transform risk into opportunity. After all, great companies aren’t built by avoiding risk — but by choosing the right ones.

The Results

Walker Sands’ efforts to retool LogicGate’s visual and verbal brand identities were a tremendous success. The new brand effectively contrasts with competitors in the industry and positions LogicGate as a confident, innovative and trusted partner. 

For LogicGate, the flexibility and playful sophistication of its new identity system will allow the brand to scale as the company continues to grow and evolve for years to come. And it stands as a textbook example of how the right brand identity can capture the attention of key audiences and ultimately drive business results — even in a crowded marketplace.

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