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Feedvisor Awareness Campaign

Data-driven content and an expert media relations strategy elevated this brand to the top of the U.S. market.


Feedvisor, an Israel-based pricing solution for online retailers, needed to establish credibility in the U.S. By leveraging Feedvisor’s internal and third-party data, Walker Sands launched a data-driven media relations program that ultimately landed Feedvisor a total of 176 placements, establishing them as a top solution for Amazon sellers.

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Feedvisor is an Israel-based dynamic pricing solution that uses AI to help high-volume online sellers optimize their sales prices. Coining the term “Algo-Commerce,” Feedvisor developed an algorithm that takes each of the more than 50 changing variables that inform pricing on Amazon such as supply, demand and elasticity to continuously adjust prices to real-time conditions.

Feedvisor works with Amazon sellers and has a deep understanding of the company’s algorithms and software, allowing Feedvisor to offer its clients as much as a 50 percent gross profit increase on sales.

The Challenge

Though Feedvisor had developed a reputation within the Israeli market, it had yet to become established in the United States and needed help earning credibility. The company had a wealth of informative content and thought leaders to discuss topics surrounding AI and e-commerce, but it lacked a strategy to reach the new audience.

After working with a PR agency in the U.S. for a short period of time, Feedvisor came to Walker Sands to find new ways to increase its international profile. Walker Sands lives and breathes B2B technology, and with its dedicated retail technology team, it was a natural fit for Feedvisor. The two joined forces to generate buzz in the States.

The Solution

Feedvisor had been relying primarily on company news to drive brand awareness, but the company wasn’t finding its footing with journalists. Walker Sands worked with the Feedvisor team to develop an aggressive PR program that would infuse thought leadership with internal and third-party data to drive placements as it told the story of a quickly changing online marketplace.

As a leading solution for sellers on Amazon, Feedvisor had a deep knowledge of the e-commerce landscape and was naturally positioned to become a thought leader in the industry. Using its close relationships with key journalists at relevant trade publications, Walker Sands helped establish the company as a go-to source for expert commentary. When news broke on topics like AI, machine learning and dynamic pricing, Walker Sands made sure Feedvisor was available for interviews or comments.

Walker Sands also identified original and third-party data that Feedvisor had collected about habits of consumers and vendors, and helped the company effectively pitch the data to the media.

Each year, Feedvisor conducted two data studies: one on consumers and the state of Amazon, and the other focusing on Amazon product vendors. Feedvisor had already collected data for its survey on vendors who used Amazon to sell their goods, so their team asked Walker Sands to conduct the second study.

Walker Sands spearheaded the second study two years in a row, surveying 1,000 consumers on their buying preferences, habits and past purchases on Amazon. The Walker Sands team developed questions with Feedvisor, deployed the survey and analyzed its results, making improvements after the first year. Finally, Walker Sands created releases on the most relevant results of both surveys and pitched them to mainstream and trade publications such as eMarketer, Internet Retailer and Business Insider.

The Results

During the two-year partnership, Walker Sands generated a total of 176 placements for Feedvisor, 34 of which were in top-tier publications such as:

Information from Feedvisor’s two data studies received a total of 84 placements. The internal seller survey continues to appear in multiple pieces of U.S.-based coverage annually, and the consumer survey that Walker Sands conducted has seen more than 40 placements as it continues to spark conversations in the industry. Following the launch of the second consumer survey, Feedvisor saw its best month to date when Walker Sands landed 33 placements in publications such as USA Today, Forbes and Business Insider.

In addition to securing high-quality placements, Feedvisor was able to develop deeper relationships with reporters. At the beginning of its partnership with Walker Sands, Feedvisor identified Internet Retailer as one of its top target publications. Not only did Walker Sands place four articles in the publication, it also secured Feedvisor CEO Victor Rosenman a coveted speaking spot at IRCE, Internet Retailer’s annual conference.

On top of this, Internet Retailer Managing Editor Paul Demery ran a featured panel at Feedvisor’s yearly internal Amazon Sellers’ Summit. Walker Sands helped ensure that Demery was one of many journalists to attend the summit, held in New York City, by pitching the event to journalists and stakeholders.

In just over two years, Walker Sands was able to help Feedvisor effectively establish itself internationally as a top solution for Amazon sellers looking for the highest margins possible.

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