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The Swedish company that built Favro, a planning and collaboration app, needed an agency partner that would bridge the cultural gap and expand within the American market.

Walker Sands executed a robust media relations strategy to scale Favro’s expert voice throughout the American tech world, ultimately landing 239 media placements and millions of impressions.

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Favro is a planning and collaboration app for organizational flow, headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden. Its solution enables large-scale organizations to respond quickly to changing market conditions and environments in order to achieve bigger goals together.

In doing so, agile methodology is a top value for the two-year-old tech company. The practice of agile methodology originated from the world of software development, aiming to help organizations behave like living organisms rather than static entities. It structures workflow in a way that plans for and embraces unpredictability.

By embracing agile strategies in building its own tool, Favro builds the functions of its platform around the guidelines of agile methodology so that its customers can also adhere to the workstyle.

The Challenge

Favro hoped to raise awareness in the U.S., so seeking a North American B2B tech agency was a natural next step. Being new to the American tech media landscape, Favro required an agency partner willing to help the team understand the new landscape. Doing so meant bridging some cultural gaps.

As Favro CEO and Co-Founder Patric Palm noted, “I’m not a native English speaker, so I need another set of ears to guide me and help my ideas translate with American media.”

Beyond learning the culture of a new market, Favro also required a flexible team willing to engage with Favro’s agile workstyle and pace of work. As an agency that prides itself on embracing iterative methodology in its own work, Walker Sands was eager to dynamically jump into the client’s fast-moving operations.

After seeing powerful early results of a media relations program run by Walker Sands, the relationship blossomed further, and Favro signed on for more complex projects.

The Solution

Favro’s early focus was on reaching business leaders and decision-makers in specific industry verticals, such as game development, software development and creative agencies. As Favro got its feet wet and found its voice in the U.S. market, Walker Sands helped the organization focus on safer ideas within those verticals that could land the coverage they were looking to secure.

However, it quickly became clear that Favro had the chops to comment on bigger and more sensitive issues happening within the techsphere. In response, Walker Sands provided the opportunity for Favro to join the conversation and push the envelope with its bold perspectives. From using agile methodology to combat workplace sexual harassment to the changing world of healthcare, the agency helped Palm and his team climb to a recognizable platform in the American tech world.

As the team took on more timely topics, moving even quicker was necessary. Because of Favro’s unique workstyle, this required some ambitious handling of media relations practices. Walker Sands dove straight into Favro’s niche needs and found a way to provide a service that worked alongside the company’s agile culture while also delivering results.

Palm, for example, is very intent on his voice coming through in media commentary. Walker Sands had to work for a balance of helping Favro find its messaging while also letting Palm maintain his bold voice.

“There is a fine line to walk between my own voice and Favro’s,” Palm said. “Walker Sands helps me walk that line so that both my organization and I are seen in the media for the expertise we can offer.”

With such impressive media relations results, Palm and the Favro team moved into bigger projects with Walker Sands. Palm and the Favro team continue to scale their voice and authority on top tech industry issues as their platform only grows. Both parties may have an established and respected voice in the Americas now, but the Walker Sands team doesn’t slow down for that fact.

Palm puts it well: “Our Walker Sands team never stops, and as an agile-minded organization, we’re always grateful and impressed at their pace and constant stream of results.”

The Results

  • 239 media placements
  • 35 tier-one placements:
    • Huffington Post
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Forbes
    • Business Insider
    • Quartz
    • Fast Company
    • VentureBeat
    • Adweek
    • Inc.
    • Bloomberg
    • Seattle Times
    • US News and World Report
    • Op-ed in MarketWatch about #MeToo
  • Impressions: 627,793,561

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