Taking Your STEM PR Strategy to the Next Level

STEM PR is a must for tech companies looking to compete in an increasingly crowded arena. Although you might have a robust marketing and advertising strategy, you need a PR strategy that makes you stand out. An effective tech PR strategy should highlight all the nuances of your business while establishing your brand as a leader in the broader STEM field.

3 Ingredients to A Successful STEM PR Strategy

Just like the tech industry, the world of PR is rapidly changing. PR efforts must span digital and traditional platforms as companies interact with consumers along multiple touch points. Despite the change, there are a few key ingredients that remain the foundation of a successful STEM PR strategy.

  1. A Team That Knows Tech – The skills required for effective STEM PR are difficult to come by. A PR team that excels at promoting consumer products might be helpless when working with C-Suite enterprise software or financial technology. Professionals working in STEM (especially in the B2B realm) need not only typical PR skills like media relations and writing, but extensive knowledge of the complex tech industry. You want a team that lives and breathes tech, even beyond the scope of your specific business.
  2. A Good Story – Journalists see hundreds of pitches a day. They don’t have time for stale ideas or run-of-the-mill story ideas. To catch a journalist’s eye, weigh in on the larger conversations that are taking place in the industry as well as the world around you. Rather than sending mundane press releases to every reporter in the area, zero in on a specific group of reporters and present compelling information about highly relevant tech trends and events. Offer contributed bylines to publications that seek expert commentary. Journalists will appreciate good insights and you’ll establish yourself as a thought leader in the STEM field.
  3. Quality Content – STEM PR isn’t about spin. It’s about presenting the facts and contributing helpful, thoughtful insights. An effective way to generate publicity is to provide informative, engaging content like data studies and whitepapers that serve as valuable resources for leaders in your industry. You’ll get the credit as a reliable thought leader and land quality sales leads from people who trust your company. Consistent content is also a great way to improve your website’s SEO, which is crucial for the success of any tech company.

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