Startup PR

Brand awareness is a crucial necessity for startups. The faster you can drive awareness to your brand, the faster you can truly compete with established competitors.

At Walker Sands, we’re all about leveraging startup PR strategies to help emerging organizations capture more than their fair share of market visibility.

We know that public relations for startups isn’t the same as public relations for established companies. You need market traction, and you need it fast.

So rather than applying one-size-fits-all PR solutions, our team works with startups to identify your unique business goals and communication objectives before crafting a PR strategy for your business. From there, it's all about execution ... getting you the placements that draw new customers to you and garner the attention of investors and other influential stakeholders.

Walker Sands PR for startups also includes introductions to industry analysts and other services designed to shorten the awareness curve for your brand. Our team is exceptionally well connected with influencers in a broad range of industries and capable of delivering a level of media exposure you won’t find at other PR firms.

We're one of the most effective and successful PR firms for tech startups and our success to date allows us to be selective about whom we work with. If you have completed an initial funding round and consider yourself to have the potential for high-growth driven by powerful PR placements, we need to talk.

From start to finish, Walker Sands delivers full-service startup public relations solutions that dramatically increase your brand’s visibility and public exposure right out of the gate.