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SEO Content Strategy Recommendations

A strong SEO content strategy can significantly improve your organic search results and digital performance, which translates directly into increased profits and customer acquisition. At the core of your SEO strategy is content-you cannot perform well with SEO unless you have compelling and authoritative content centered on key themes related to your industry and customer pain points.

Key Components of an SEO Content Strategy

There are several important components in your SEO content strategy:

  • Goal Mapping: You cannot achieve any meaningful results or track your SEO progress without goals. It’s important to establish measureable goals that you can use to guide your strategy development and execution for SEO. Do you want to drive more conversions and sales leads? What defines a conversion for your organization? What is the next step you want visitors to take after they land on your pages? Only after you answer these questions can you identify your key goals and business requirements, and develop a strategy to achieve them.
  • Site Audit: An SEO audit helps you gauge your current SEO performance and any gaps in site content. You should conduct SEO audits periodically to ensure your website and content are aligned with your business goals, audiences and current marketing messaging. The audit should incorporate information analysis, link assessment, content gap identification and on-page change recommendations for existing pages. Although SEO content audits take time and require meticulous tracking and organization, they uncover a wealth of information for your business and marketing strategy. Many of our clients achieve significant website traffic and conversion rate growth as a result of our comprehensive site audits.
  • Competitor Analysis: In addition to auditing your own site, you should also assess a number of your key competitors in your industry. This will help you understand how they target their key audiences and uncover improvement areas for your own site. There are sophisticated tools available to help you identify the keywords that your competitors are targeting, including their site structure and breadth of content. By auditing competitors’ sites, you can gain content and design inspiration that will help you improve your SEO performance and keyword targeting.
  • SEO Content Plan Creation: With information gained from in-depth keyword research and content gap analysis, you can create a detailed content plan that will guide the content creation process and bolster your SEO results. You can create monthly or quarterly content plans, depending on your unique goals and resources. Whether you choose to create five pages a month or 15 pages a month, it’s important to structure your content plan with key milestones and compelling article topics. Although search engines are an important audience to write for, companies also need to ensure their headlines and topics are compelling for human audiences. If your content sounds off or is uninformative, visitors will leave your website before completing a conversion. Strong content positions your company as an expert in your field and increased your quality score on Google.
  • SEO Performance Tracking and Reporting: Tracking and measuring results through Google Analytics is critical to a successful SEO content strategy. Pull reports on a monthly basis at minimum and compare your progress over the long term. This will help you understand whether your SEO strategy is effective at driving website traffic, improving search ranking and increasing conversions.

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