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The State of Martech 2017: Closing the Gap Between Marketing Innovation and Adoption

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Despite the complexity of the space, the momentum of the marketing technology industry shows no sign of slowing. Since the first Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology study was published a year ago, the number of martech vendors has nearly doubled, more than $1 billion in venture capital investment has flowed into the space, and marketing budgets surpassed advertising budgets. It’s not surprising, then, that the sheer number of solutions has kept pace with marketers’ and their respective companies’ interest: the latest Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic from lists a remarkable 3,874 solutions.

The second annual State of Marketing Technology Report from Walker Sands indicates that marketers are tackling martech complexity head on. With both budgets and attitudes toward companies’ adoption of martech increasing, the vast majority of marketers are embracing customized martech suites comprised of best-of-breed solutions rather than single-vendor suites, indicating an eagerness to choose the technologies best suited to their needs and an enormous opportunity for martech vendors.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How better integration capabilities have moved marketers away from single-vendor suites toward best-of-breed architecture
  • How the democratization of marketing technology has shifted ownership of the stack away from IT and toward end business users, giving rise to the role of marketing technologist
  • Why the most successful companies will develop a holistic marketing technology strategy and train marketers how to get the most value from their tools

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To access the 2016 report, click here.