How to Increase B2B Leads by 70% in 90 Days

Leads make or break your business. But generating leads isn’t as easy as it used to be, especially in competitive markets where emerging companies promise the moon to the same prospects you’re counting on to achieve business growth.

The only thing harder than generating leads? Generating leads when you don’t have the luxury of six months or a year to fill your pipeline.

What’s your plan to generate leads and increase revenue in the next three to six months?

When you need to generate leads and improve revenue in a short timeframe, integrated digital marketing is the tool for the job.

Instead of focusing on raising awareness for prospects at the beginning of the sales cycles, integrated digital marketing helps you connect with prospects in the research phase—decision makers who are much closer to converting to qualified leads.

In this white paper, we provide practical tips and advice that equip you to implement the latest digital tactics for short-term lead gen.

Featuring case studies that demonstrate the real-world effectiveness of integrated digital marketing for short-term revenue improvement, key topics include:

  • How to use segmented keyword analysis in a more sophisticated way to connect with specific audiences in the research phase of their buyer’s journeys.

  • How to create optimized landing pages that convert more site visitors into leads.

  • How to develop a remarketing strategy that keeps your brand top-of-mind with buyers who have already expressed interest in what you’re selling.

  • How to execute email marketing campaigns that motivate audiences to encourage deeper engagement with your brand and more conversions.

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