7 Steps to Generating ROI with B2B Content

With more marketing teams being challenged with turning a profit from their programs, content has become more valuable than ever. But not all marketers are sure how to use content strategically to increase revenue, and fewer understand how to measure content’s true return on investment. Common mistakes include:

  • Overwhelming prospects with irrelevant content

  • Not speaking to or addressing a customer’s direct need

  • Churning out promotional materials instead of valuable assets

  • Publishing content without a conversion strategy in place

As the buyer journey continues to evolve, marketers need to use customer insights to maximize their content’s impact and implement promotional strategies across the entire funnel, from awareness to re-purchase. An integrated content marketing plan generates bottomline growth when B2B brands market the right content to the right people through the right channels.

In this guide, marketers will learn how to strategically develop and deploy content to successfully convert leads, increase profit margins and strengthen customer loyalty. This is our proven methodology — one that you can adapt to your organization no matter your content goals, resources and experience.

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