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Walker Sands Partners

The Company We Keep

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the people they associate themselves with. Well, we think the same for the companies who we partner with. From international affiliates to local collaborations, we take pride in being partners with these industry leading associations.

PROI – Public Relations Organization International

PROI is an international public relations companies, steeped in local culture, connected with the media and allied with influencers. PROI agencies are the leading independents in close to 100 cities in 50 countries and on five continents. You will find them in the world’s capitols and business centers, from London, New York, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Tokyo to Beijing, Brussels, Dubai, Mumbai, Paris and Sao Paolo.

Ensemble HQ

Ensemble offers a one-stop solution for “Do-It-For-Me” entrepreneurs, bundling together everything you need to successfully strategize, build, market and scale your businesses. This includes business plans, business coaching, venture capital, technology development, internet marketing, search optimization, social media marketing, public relations and other high-ROI tactics from proven playbooks. Ensemble is a next-generation alternative to the startup incubator model. We like to call it an “Excubator” model: by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs!

Council of Public Relations Firms

The Council is dedicated to strengthening the recognition and role of public relations firms in corporate strategy, business performance and social education; to serve as an authoritative source of information and expert comment and to help set standards for the industry. The Council provides its members guidelines that include the Code of Ethics and Principles, which specifically addresses transparency and disclosure.

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