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Mattersight Rebrand and Website Redesign

Acquisition by $5 billion company follows the creation of a new visual identity system and website for leading SaaS provider.


new website visitor increase


web traffic increase


acquisition by NICE, a $5B company

White Mattersight logo against a red background

“From the moment I read your proposal and saw your work, I never doubted that we picked the right partner. You all are extremely dedicated, hard-working, and very talented. We love the new brand and our new website is awesome. Great job!”

Amanda Beto, Senior Marketing Director, Mattersight

Project Overview

Mattersight, an enterprise-grade SaaS solution, needed a responsive, modern and search-optimized website that matched its innovative technology. After a thorough discovery process and developing a visual identity, Walker Sands created a new site and demand gen program to drive traffic and generate leads. The project led to a 340% traffic increase, a 21% improvement in site speed and a 385% new visitor increase. Walker Sands’ work positioned Mattersight as a leader in the SaaS space, facilitated triple-digital increases in web performance and eventually helped the company navigate a subsequent acquisition by NICE, a $5 billion company.

Mockup of Mattersight logo badge options
Mockup of inspiration behind final Mattersight logo badge
Mockup of Mattersight signage on the outside of a building
Mockup of Mattersight case study featuring the new branding
Mockup of Mattersight's internal system with the new logo badge
Mockups of Mattersight document templates and business cards in the new brand
Mockup of Mattersight sales materials in the new brand
Three web pages from Mattersight's updated website in the new brand
Six testimonials from Mattersight's internal stakeholders on the success of the new brand and website

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