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Elevating Semrush’s Social Media Presence With Premium Microcontent

Social media program levels up martech company’s creative expression on Twitter to build brand affinity.






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Project Overview

With almost 200 million users and 6,000 tweets shared per second, Twitter offers brands plenty of opportunities to connect with their audiences — and to get lost in the noise. Despite being a well-known name among digital marketers and SEO specialists, Semrush was on a mission to “go viral” on social media and join trending conversations to drive greater engagement with its followers. The martech company came to Walker Sands looking to elevate its Twitter presence and build brand loyalty among its customers. By defining the brand’s voice and tone to show personality and creating timely, entertaining microcontent, Walker Sands successfully boosted engagement and brand affinity among Semrush’s target audience.




Creative Campaigns, Graphic Design, Social Media



MarCom Awards, Gold Winner
Hermes Creative Awards, Platinum Winner

Mockup of phone showing Semrush tweet with engagement. and impression metrics
Mockup of two Semrush tweets
Mockup of three cell phones showcasing responses to Semrush tweets
Mockup of screen showing a Semrush sample tweet

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