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AmpliFund Rebrand and Website Redesign

A new brand identity and website position grant management software for growth in an emerging market.


increase in conversion rates


increase in organic traffic to homepage


increase in organic traffic to pricing page


Google Lighthouse score improvement

Mockup of AmpliFund logo exploration

Project Overview

Developed by StreamLink Software, AmpliFund is a leading grant management platform for public sector and nonprofit organizations. Looking to strengthen brand awareness for AmpliFund, StreamLink Software came to Walker Sands for public relations and branding strategy. Together, the two teams quickly realized that an unclear brand and product architecture was causing confusion between StreamLink Software and AmpliFund. As a result, Walker Sands recommended prioritizing a full rebrand and website redesign that would elevate AmpliFund to the forefront, while presenting an updated, modern look and feel to clients and prospects. By providing clarity and consistency through a strategic rebrand, followed by a fully optimized, redesigned website, Walker Sands helped position AmpliFund as a leader in its emerging market.

Mockup of AmpliFund logo showcasing its identity motivated by the term process
AmpliFund logo
Two t-shirts with the new AmpliFund logo badge on their fronts
Mockup of new AmpliFund brand guidelines
Mockup of new AmpliFund color palette and iconography
Mockup of AmpliFund logo on the side of a building
Mockup of marketing materials featuring the new AmpliFund brand
Mockup of AmpliFund white paper featuring the new brand
Mockup of AmpiFund poster that says "Take the next step forward." in their new branding
Mockup of AmpliFund homepage on a tablet
Mockup of AmpliFund website featuring the new branding
Mockup of AmpliFund homepages before and after the rebrand, with Google Lighthouse scores for each
Mockup of AmpliFund web pages featuring the new brand
Image of woman standing at podium with AmpliFund branding in the background

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