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Key Elements of B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing is a key ingredient in your brand’s ability to capture the attention of prospects and target audiences. Brands that excel at content marketing achieve gains in thought leadership and market share, while those that ignore the B2B content marketing imperative often fall behind their competitors—regardless of the quality of their product or service offerings.

At Walker Sands, we know how to convert B2B content marketing into business advantage. By thoroughly understanding our clients’ offerings and industries, we specialize in the use of innovative content as a catalyst for achieving targeted PR and business outcomes.

The Demand for B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing has changed dramatically in recent years. Although it used to be enough to focus almost exclusively on articles and other forms of traditional, written content, innovations in technology and changes in the way B2B audiences consume content have transformed content marketing into a richer and more diverse discipline.

More than ever before, exceptional B2B content marketing strategies must address a range of communication mediums and content formats. Although traditional forms of content (e.g. print articles) are still important, the best content marketing firms are skilled at expanding the use of content beyond traditional publishing to encompass opportunities in digital, social, mobile and other platform arenas.

Leading B2B content marketing firms also understand that it simply isn’t enough to develop and distribute content across a variety of channels and mediums. At Walker Sands, we specialize in identifying the unique characteristics of each content delivery channel and knowing how to use combinations of content marketing tactics to deliver maximum benefits and exposure for your brand.

Types of B2B Content Marketing

Successful B2B content marketing can generate a range of outcomes for your organization, including better search rankings, increased site traffic, more social shares and a higher volume of sales leads. Walker Sands has a proven track record in creating B2B content marketing plans and editorial calendars that incorporate several different types of content marketing opportunities:

  • Press Releases – optimized for both B2B audiences and search engines
  • Contributed Articles – targeted placements in digital and print publications
  • White Papers & Data Studies – content that highlights your firm’s expertise and thought leadership
  • Case Studies – opportunities to showcase the real world applications of your products and services
  • Infographics – relevant content that is easily consumed and shared
  • Blog Posts – blog content on timely and substantive topics
  • Social Media – shareable content that engages audiences and recruits B2B brand advocates
  • Videos – high quality video content that inspires, educates and informs
  • Websites/Microsites – digital content designed to significantly improve your online presence

Effective B2B content marketing is a priority for most B2B firms. At Walker Sands, B2B content marketing isn’t just another service we provide to our clients—it’s a core capability that enables us to help your clients achieve more through their B2B marketing and public relations investments.

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