Digital Marketing

Digital strategy has evolved into much more than finding the right keywords.

Forrester’s Interactive Marketing Forecast for 2011-2016 predicts that 26 percent of all advertising spending will come from interactive marketing. $33 billion of that spending will come through search.

Search marketing is evolving, and marketers are refocusing their strategies to work toward getting found by users through any medium – not just search engines. Walker Sands understands that search visibility now ultimately depends on an integrated relationship among public relations, social media and the production of high-quality content.

  • Content Creation. The basis of a good content marketing strategy is good content. We are fully staffed with writers trained to build optimized content in the form of web pages, blog posts, white papers, and other pieces of valuable content. All of this content flows from a detailed search strategy designed to attract and capture leads. Learn more about our content services including video production here.
  • Landing Page and Conversion Optimization. Ranking well and attracting web traffic is only half the battle. Our ultimate goal is to drive people into the sales funnel with clear paths to conversion. Our team works to build optimized landing pages and diligently tests using A/B testing and other techniques to ensure that the traffic hitting your site is ultimately leading to sales.
  • Monitoring. Digital marketing is a journey, not a destination. To truly excel, your optimization efforts must be consistent and driven by a plan and a well-crafted strategy. We partner with you on continuous improvement for your results, benchmarking the progress and taking the necessary steps to continually improve.

With that in mind, we work with B2B tech clients to understand what is important to your target audience, and how to get that message in front of them. Our public relations efforts are based on quality content, and the results of our media outreach are amplified by an understanding of and attention to social media and search capabilities.

Walker Sands has an entire division, Walker Sands Digital, dedicated to offering the latest services in digital design, search engine optimization, and online conversion.