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Small Business

There are over 28 million small businesses operating across the U.S. At Walker Sands, we deploy the B2B marketing strategies that get your brand in front of the SMB owners who need your solution.

Small business represents a massive opportunity in today’s market. But with their businesses on the line, it’s more important than ever for you to demonstrate the ROI of your solution before the sales process even starts. Walker Sands helps you initiate the touchpoints that lead to an easier sale process and ultimately more customers.

Small business owners rely on their partners and providers to sustain consistent revenues. With limited time and resources, they need to get the most out of every dollar spent. Therefore, it is essential that companies marketing to SMBs gain exposure to busy SMB owners while proving that they can solve their challenges.

B2B Marketing Strategies to Reach SMBs

Having successfully executed marketing campaigns to reach small businesses, Walker Sands can build the customized program that you need to move the needle. Whether you’re selling services, payments hardware or a platform-as-a-service, we have the experience to incorporate your message across all necessary channels.

Our B2B marketing services to reach small business owners include:

Walker Sands leverages in-depth industry expertise to build your brand awareness with small business decision-makers, while demonstrating your solution’s track record for erasing common SMB pain points. At the same time, our media relations experts can grow your brand’s share of voice while increasing industry credibility.

You have ambitious goals and face unique challenges. Walker Sands recommends and executes customized solutions that leverage our core capabilities to deliver the results your business needs.

PR for SMB Solutions Providers

Walker Sands knows good B2B public relations is about more than reaching a few key industry publications. It’s about engaging all the right channels to share your brand story, unlocking the narrative that will separate your product or service from the pack.

Whether you’re an SMB that can benefit from strong earned media coverage or want to shorten your sales cycle, we combine in-depth industry expertise with time-tested strategies to deliver the results your business needs.

Our integrated PR services for SMBs include:

  • Media relations
  • Data-driven PR
  • Product launches
  • Awards, events & speaking opportunities

Creative Expertise for Marketing to Small Businesses

In today’s competitive, saturated landscape, you need a way to stand out among the crowd without sacrificing the distinct voice and tone of your brand. Our writers, designers and creative strategists are here to drive results through creative content assets and distribution strategies. Walker Sands’ creative capabilities for small business marketing include:

  • Brand expression
  • Web projects
  • Creative campaigns
  • Social media
  • Video
  • Motion design
  • Photography

Whether you’re looking to attract more web traffic and conversions or you want to revamp your brand, we help you market to small business owners while communicating your brand’s value proposition to the audiences that rely on your products, platforms and solutions.

Growing Demand and SMB Brand Awareness With Digital Marketing

Walker Sands understands the importance of carefully honing in on key audiences. Our digital marketers are well versed with strategies that drive awareness, increase your position in search engines and reach B2B buyers with targeted messaging — at any stage of the buyer journey.

Our demand generation and digital marketing programs include:

  • Paid digital marketing and search
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Marketing automation
  • Account-based marketing
  • Analytics
  • Digital transformation

Walkers Sands balances small business solutions marketing to craft, elevate and amplify your brand story to drive more awareness, credibility and conversions for your business.

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