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Automotive Tech

Drive your brand — and the industry — forward with the right partner.

“We have been extremely impressed with our Walker Sands team. Through our partnership, they have developed a clear understanding of our brand and do a great job at conveying that through their ideas and content. We can’t say enough good things!”

Katie Barth, Marketing Manager, PureCars

An industry defined by a 100-year-old legacy is reaching a tipping point. New technological innovations are disrupting the automotive sector from every angle, including ADAS, big data, telematics, artificial intelligence, automation and blockchain — to name just a few.

And no one is immune to the changes. Insurance carriers, OEMs, collision repairers, parts manufacturers, telematics providers, industrial manufacturers, vehicle lifecycle management solutions and everyone in between are reconsidering their place in the future of the automotive industry.

B2B PR Strategies for Your Auto Tech Business

As disruptors of your industry, you need to partner with innovators in B2B automotive marketing. The right marketing strategies for the automotive industry can be the difference between earning recognition among your target audiences and getting lost in the shuffle.

A good marketing partner knows how to develop and execute media relations, creative campaigns, event activation and digital marketing strategies while tailoring them to the nuances of your industry. That means understanding everything from how automotive brands continue to evolve, to having a firm grasp on the requirements set by regulatory bodies like the NHTSA, SEMA, AAPC and more.

Walker Sands understands automotive businesses. We specialize in carefully crafting PR campaigns for clients across a variety of automotive sectors, including:

  • Aftermarket
  • Collision and repair
  • Dealerships
  • Embedded systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Insurance
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Manufacturing
  • OEMs
  • Parts supply
  • Robotics
  • Telematics
  • Vehicle lifecycle management

Spanning a complete range of earned, owned and paid media, our integrated PR approach educates and engages key audiences on the benefits and implications of automotive tech for their organizations — whether you market directly to car dealerships, repair shops or car buyers.

From leveraging the latest automotive tech research to getting you on panels at the auto industry’s largest conferences, Walker Sands builds customized PR programs designed to build credibility and awareness among your valuable target audiences.

Leveraging Creative Marketing Solutions for Automotive Tech Companies

Walker Sands knows that good creative work encompasses a careful blend of strategy, vision and execution. From content marketing to UX design, you’ll gain a creative partner that’s skilled in every area of creative, resulting in an end product that meets your brand needs.

Our B2B creative strategies include:

  • Video production
  • Social media
  • Web projects
  • Brand expression
  • Motion design
  • Photography

As automotive technology continues to evolve, your B2B marketing strategies should keep pace. You need a marketing partner who will push you forward, rise to meet every challenge and continuously iterate on strategies to achieve the best possible outcome.

Digital Strategies to Generate Awareness for Your Automotive Technology

Your customers are fully immersed online, finding everything they need in a matter of a few clicks. Walker Sands’ demand generation and digital advertising teams know that engaging and activating customers is about meeting them on their preferred channels.

Our teams know how to identify and segment your primary buyers before crafting a digital marketing strategy that:

  • Targets key audiences including technology experts, QA specialists and product managers
  • Incorporates high-volume keywords to improve search engine ranking and performance
  • Presents more conversion opportunities for users on your website

Our digital experts have the tools and expertise to reach the audiences that matter most to your business, resulting in a more customized, immersive experience for your buyers.

Looking for the top Automotive Tech influencers on Twitter? Our team has assembled some lists to give you a head start.

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