Media Messaging + Narrative Development

Amplify brand awareness and engage your target audience with a compelling narrative that grabs media attention and resonates with industry experts.

Connect with your target audience using stories that resonate

Good press is vital in boosting brand awareness — and that requires media-specific messaging that resonates with reporters, not just your customers. Using your existing marketing messaging as the foundation, we help craft a compelling brand narrative that aligns with trending topics in the publications where your target audience gets their news.

Our approach builds a strategic foundation for your PR program, ensuring future efforts support key brand messages. The outcome? You earn media coverage that aligns your expertise and solutions with your audience’s needs and industry trends.

Developing your brand storytelling strategy

Our outside-in view of the trends shaping your industry helps us develop unique messaging that aligns with both your brand and the media landscape.

  • First we review your existing materials to understand the current state of your brand storytelling.
  • Simultaneously, we conduct an audit of competitor coverage and look at trends and themes target reporters are covering to extrapolate newsworthy topics and inform differentiation.
  • We conduct in-depth interviews with your executives, subject matter experts and other internal stakeholders to uncover new perspectives on relevant industry trends.
  • Next, we incorporate these insights into media messaging and newsworthy pillars that serve as the foundation for your PR strategy.
  • Finally, we generate media angles aligned to these pillars, develop proof points such as customer references (as needed) and map angles to target reporters.
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Annie Gudorf
Executive Vice President, PR