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Crisis Communications

Walker Sands helps minimize reputational damage through proactive crisis communications that preserves stakeholder trust.

Our Three-Phased Approach to Crisis Response

B2B tech companies need to be in a position to respond quickly and effectively to a crisis situation, whether it’s a data breach, service outage or other sensitive issue.

  1. Crisis Preparation: Pre-crisis, Walker Sands meets with your executive team to perform a risk assessment, which will be used to inform a crisis communications plan. Walker Sands also offers comprehensive media training.
  2. Crisis Response: During a crisis event, our team will be by your side, offering expert counsel about what to do next, from issuing communication to stakeholder groups, briefing spokespeople and monitoring media and social media activity.
  3. Post-Crisis Recovery: Post-crisis, Walker Sands performs a comprehensive assessment that will be used to prepare a post-crisis brand building program to restore your company’s reputation.