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Paid Digital Marketing

Ready for a paid digital marketing agency that does more than just talk the talk? Walker Sands plays for high score, and never settles for less.

Walker Sands is a PPC agency specializing in sophisticated, integrated marketing programs that unleash outsized business results through paid digital marketing campaigns and PPC plans.

We’ve developed an uncanny ability to get our clients’ messages and calls to action in front of key B2B audiences and drive engagement.

  • Our support is end to end. We set you up for search, remarketing, paid social and display advertising; build out creative campaigns; and wire up your analytics so you can report on revenue attribution.
  • New to paid digital marketing? We’ll minimize the learning curve and build your in-house skills and capabilities.
  • If you’re a paid-digital pro, we can be the agency that teaches you a few new tricks – and always deliver on our promises.

If it moves the needle on mission-critical marketing objectives and involves paid-platform digital marketing, it’s in the Walker Sands wheelhouse. If the stakes are high, all the better.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an effective lead generation tool. But proper setup and management of PPC accounts requires expertise. Everything from optimized landing pages to Google quality score improvements must be strategically approached.

Walker Sands has refined its PPC service methodology to optimize our clients’ campaigns earning them better, more qualified leads at a lower cost. Whether you choose to spend $1,000 per month or $50,000 per month, our PPC agency experts have the tools to improve ad and campaign performance.

What Do Effective PPC Services Look Like?

A Results-driven PPC agency reach should reach granular audience segments and directly influences purchasing behavior. Our PPC agency experts help you set up, manage and track the success of your campaigns utilizing a variety of methods, including:

  • Keyword strategy & targeting – Our skilled writers craft compelling content with strong calls to action, ad copy and headlines—critical steps for inspiring action among visitors. By focusing on benefits and unique differentiators, our content is relevant and timely for key audiences. We also position your company as a credible expert in Google’s eyes to improve your quality score and lower bid prices.
  • Ad copy creation – Our skilled writers craft compelling content that is relevant and timely for target audience segments. We draft copy that positions your company as a credible expert to improve Google quality scores and lower keyword bid prices.
  • Scalable Optimization – We constantly take steps to improve key metrics in your PPC program using advanced performance analysis tools and A/B testing. This includes quality score, click-through rates, conversion rates, cost-per-action and keyword bid price.
  • PPC Campaign Configuration: Although anyone can access and configure Google Adwords settings, larger organization require custom and advanced settings to make the most of PPC budgets. Our experts can custom configure and implement advanced settings and controls to build a strong foundation for PPC success.
  • PPC Optimization: With advanced performance analysis tools and A/B testing, we constantly take steps to improve key metrics in your PPC advertising programs. This includes quality score, click-through rates, conversion rates, cost per action and keyword bid price. With comprehensive testing, we optimize your messaging, ad copy and calls to action to increase conversions and reduce costs.
  • Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: We gauge the success of our PPC programs by the results generated. In addition to monthly reports and analysis, we help you identify key improvement areas for your campaigns and recommend other strategies your company can pursue to increase lead generation and website traffic.

PPC Services from Walker Sands – A Top PPC Agency

Walker Sands has the tools and expertise to deploy effective paid search campaigns for your B2B brand, triggering more website visits and increasing brand growth. PPC advertising is a powerful and cost-effective driver of website traffic and leads for companies. With a results-driven PPC strategy, you can directly influence purchasing behavior and reach new audiences. But maximizing the return on PPC investments is complicated without the proper expertise and training.

With our professional PPC services, companies can generate more leads and optimize bid price to make the most of paid advertising budgets. We can also help you incorporate PPC programs that work in tandem with and complement other digital marketing initiatives, like search engine optimization and content marketing.

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