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Video Production

Your company has a story to tell, and the video team at Walker Sands can help you tell it.

B2B Video Production Services

For B2B marketers, a portfolio of engaging videos can augment the public relations, digital and content strategies your team already invests in, amplifying conversions along the way. In fact, according to Aberdeen Group, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

At Walker Sands, we partner with clients to bring their campaigns, products, company culture, case studies and thought leadership to life through creative multimedia storytelling. We understand that every company is unique, and our integrated video production team knows how to create the content that will resonate most with your customers, prospects and partners.

Videos for Every Business Objective

Video is no longer the future of B2B marketing – it’s the most engaging way to tell your company’s story today. At Walker Sands, we produce videos that anchor campaigns, extend the reach of existing content and support B2B demand generation efforts.

We specialize in the following video projects:

  • Testimonials that add depth to your case studies by showing the impact of your products and services
  • Thought leadership to showcase your perspective on industry trends
  • Event wraps that show how your company engages with customers and prospects
  • Animated demo/explainers to give an overview of a product, highlight findings from a data report or address customer pain points
  • Company overviews to tell your company’s story, detail your offerings and articulate what makes your brand unique
  • Culture videos that engage employees, share your company’s values, recruit top talent and build brand loyalty

Our Process

The Walker Sands video department has the experience and resources to execute projects from conception to completion. Working side by side with our in-house public relations, content strategy and demand generation teams, we handle each step of the production and promotion process, including:

  • Pre-production
    • Goal setting
    • Research
    • Scripting
    • Asset collection
    • Location scouting and casting
    • Storyboarding and design
  • Production
    • Filming (interviews and B-roll collection)
  • Post-production
    • Organizing footage
    • Transcribing interviews
    • Cutting, color-correcting and editing footage
    • Designing and animating motion graphics
    • Converting videos to paid pre-roll advertising

When you enrich your earned, owned and paid media strategies with professional video, you keep every B2B customer engaged throughout the buyer journey. Our in-house production capabilities, paired with our B2B technology expertise, will ensure that your brand is noticed and your story is heard.

Let’s Talk Video

If you’re ready to level-up your approach to content marketing, it’s time to start the conversation about your marketing goals for video, motion design and photography. Whether you’re looking to drive brand awareness, increase social engagement or boost conversions, we can work with your team to produce the high-impact multimedia to make those goals a reality.