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B2B Motion Design

Why Motion Design?

Video accounts for 82% of all internet traffic — and that makes motion design an integral component of your B2B brand’s go-forward marketing strategy.

From logo animations to explainer videos, motion solutions help you tell more compelling stories and achieve key business outcomes across an expanding range of marketing channels.

Walker Sands’ B2B Motion Graphics Capabilities

Whether it’s a complement to a research report or an overview of a product or service, motion design communicates abstract concepts in more digestible and exciting ways. Our motion design solutions are right for your B2B brand if you want to:

  • Increase user engagement by calling attention to your brand assets in a digitally savvy, distinct fashion
  • Strengthen your messaging to align with your brand’s overall tone and style
  • Attract attention and maintain the interest of web users
  • Explain complex concepts in a quicker, more digestible and visually appealing manner

How Walker Sands’ Motion Design Team Can Help

Walker Sands’ motion design solutions deliver audience impact across various platforms and in experiential environments. Our motion design capabilities include:

  • Social media videos — Motion design fuels engagement by keeping your social channels captivating and lively.
  • GIFs and animations — GIFS and animations drive home key messages for digitally savvy, on-the-go decision makers.
  • Explainers and demos — With explainer and demo motion solutions, you can quickly distill complex topics into a more digestible format.
  • Data visualization and infographics — Motion solutions draw attention to important data points, supporting and promoting research reports, white papers or other data-rich content assets.
  • UX/UI animation — SVG and MP4 animation solutions create more dynamic and user-centric web experiences.
  • Branding and promos — Branded motion solutions visually connect messaging to your organization and help capture audience share in crowded markets.
  • Animated logos — Ownable logo animations elevate the value of your brand and differentiate your business from the competition.
  • Trade show booths and display screens — Motion solutions designed for trade shows and other events multiply your floor presence and present a polished image to event attendees.
  • Out-of-home displays — Maximize opportunities to connect with high-value prospects, using animations that quickly communicate key messages.
  • Online ads — Engaging motion solutions improve your ability to raise awareness, increase conversions and generate leads from advertising opportunities.

Looking for something different? We can work together to find a customized solution aimed at meeting your needs. As marketing innovators, our creative team brings unique and comprehensive skill sets to each project, no matter how big or small.

A Motion Design Process to Fit Your Unique Needs

Walker Sands’ creative team collaborates with you at every step of the creative process, providing rich, goal-focused motion design solutions that enhance your B2B marketing plan.

We start by asking the right questions about your brand, including objectives, tone and target audience. Alongside your team, we craft an intentional creative direction and then build out a storyboard that aligns with your goals.

Our comprehensive approach to storytelling blends all aspects of visual communication, motion design, marketing animation, typography and audio to turn your vision into a reality.

Get Moving With Motion Design for Your B2B Content

With video and multimedia quickly becoming a preferred format for audiences, now is the time to integrate motion design into your B2B content marketing strategy — a move that will drive both quantitative and qualitative results. Connect with our creative team today to bring your B2B brand to life.

Ready to put engagement in motion? Get in touch:

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